Chloe’s 8th Grade Graduation

Just a few pictures from Chloe’s big day last week. 

It was important to Chloe that we got good seats on the left side of the stage for graduation. To her surprise we sat right in the front row. Ha! 


A few pictures with some of her friends

Such cute kids

A couple with mom and dad

I am SO glad that the school year is over. When I picked Lucy up from school on Monday afternoon I was filled with that last day of school excitement!! It’s still crazy that Chloe is heading off to high school in the fall so I think I’ll stay in denial a little while longer and really enjoy every moment of this summer. 

Beckett James, Month Eight

Oh Beckett!! Eight months old already. You have changed so much in just one month!

Favorites: Daisy is right there at the top of your list right now. Your face lights up as soon as you see her. You crack up and close your eyes every time she comes over to kiss your ears. You also love your pirate puppy that we bought at Homegoods a few weeks ago. You wouldn’t put it down in the store and cried while the cashier rang him up and cut the tags off for you. You love to eat and go for walks in the stroller. You prefer to go alone with me and get annoyed if someone else joins us and you have to listen to our conversations. You love to see your friend Alicia every day after school. Your face lights up when you see her in the crowd at school. You love music, blowing raspberries with food in your mouth and taking baths in the sink. You love to be on my hip but not my lap. You LOVE to walk around the house and sitting still is just not your thing. You love playing with the Honest wipes just to hear the package crinkle.

Dislikes: Sitting still. You need to be on the move constantly. You also hate nap and bedtime.

Sleep: Nope. Getting you to sleep is once again a struggle and a major cause to my stress level throughout the day. You want to be with me 24/7. I love being with you too, but your mama needs her sleep. You are still going down around 6:30-7:00 pm and waking up twice during the night.

Milestones: two little baby teeth popped through this month. You are rolling all over the living room and pulling yourself to get where you want to go. You’re also pulling yourself up to a standing position when someone is playing with you on the floor. You can feed yourself whatever bits of food is on your tray. You say dada, baba, mama and nanana. You have the cutest little voice!!

Wearing: still wearing 6-12 month clothing and size 1 Freshly Picked Mocs. Boy summer clothes are my new favorite thing and I wish I had the time and money to shop for you every day. The little muscle tank onesies are just about the cutest thing I’ve ever bought you. They crack me up. Even though you’re a little peanut you do have some creases in your arms and legs and getting to see them during these warm summer days is such a delight!

Eating: You LOVE food!! You’re eating three solid meals a day and snacking on puffs. Still nursing 5-7 times throughout the day (and night).

Eight month photos


I’m obsessed with the back of your head!


This is your favorite toy!


My favorite pajamas:


You go to bed kicking and screaming but you ALWAYS greet me with a huge smile in the morning


You’re loving the fact that you can now sit in the front of the shopping cart and grab and pull on everything you can reach


Every month is my new favorite with you! You’re growing and learning so much every day!! You are the first person the girls run to when they walk in the house. You make everyone’s day so much brighter!! Mama loves you, Beckett!!! Happy eight months!



I still can’t believe that Lucy turned eight yesterday. It seems like eight is so much older than seven. No longer a “little” kid. She’s in that “big” kid stage that happens right before the tween stage. All Lucy wanted to do is have a sleepover with her best friend, Carleigh. We took them to Skyzone first, along with Chloe and Megan. They all had a blast!

Then it was back to our house for the sleepover. 

Sunday we celebrated with family

Yesterday we let Lucy take the day off from school. I ended up taking her to the zoo with Beck

Happy Birthday, Lucy!! 

Recent iPhone Photos

I’ve taken about 300 pictures on my phone this week! It’s been a crazy, fun, busy week! I wanted to make sure I record some of this so I won’t forget.

This face!! OMG! His facial expressions kill me! He is the happiest, silliest baby. My mom will call him and talk to him on speaker and he gets the biggest kick out of it. He laughs every time he hears her. 

Those teeth!! 

Weekly snapchat pictures:

Emma bought her first car this week:

Beckett went to his first Red Sox game:

Yes, I was totally eating a steak and cheese sub over his head. But I shared it

Lucy had her Memorial Day program at school and if you’ve been following along for a few years you know it’s my favorite day of the school year

Chloe showed her Patriotism that day too

I had a special date with Lucy last Saturday night. I offer to take her anywhere and she always picks McDonalds

Sharing her ice cream with Beckett 

I got Beckett dressed for his passport pictures and they crack me up! Jon thinks he looks goofy but they made me laugh so I kept them

Lucy got a room makeover last weekend. It looks so much like an 8 year olds room and less like a little girl room now

Chloe left for DC

After 20 years of motherhood I was able to buy my first toy truck

Sometimes when I’m grocery shopping I see pretty flowers and think that Jon would want me to have them 

Sleeping baby

Shopping baby 

We had a lunch date with Kirsten and Gioa yesterday. I LOVE her facial expressions! Just like an annoyed wife 🙂

Happy Thursday!!