Recent iPhone Photos

I’ve taken about 300 pictures on my phone this week! It’s been a crazy, fun, busy week! I wanted to make sure I record some of this so I won’t forget.

This face!! OMG! His facial expressions kill me! He is the happiest, silliest baby. My mom will call him and talk to him on speaker and he gets the biggest kick out of it. He laughs every time he hears her. 

Those teeth!! 

Weekly snapchat pictures:

Emma bought her first car this week:

Beckett went to his first Red Sox game:

Yes, I was totally eating a steak and cheese sub over his head. But I shared it

Lucy had her Memorial Day program at school and if you’ve been following along for a few years you know it’s my favorite day of the school year

Chloe showed her Patriotism that day too

I had a special date with Lucy last Saturday night. I offer to take her anywhere and she always picks McDonalds

Sharing her ice cream with Beckett 

I got Beckett dressed for his passport pictures and they crack me up! Jon thinks he looks goofy but they made me laugh so I kept them

Lucy got a room makeover last weekend. It looks so much like an 8 year olds room and less like a little girl room now

Chloe left for DC

After 20 years of motherhood I was able to buy my first toy truck

Sometimes when I’m grocery shopping I see pretty flowers and think that Jon would want me to have them 

Sleeping baby

Shopping baby 

We had a lunch date with Kirsten and Gioa yesterday. I LOVE her facial expressions! Just like an annoyed wife πŸ™‚

Happy Thursday!!


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