Five Things From the Weekend

One: Lucy had been asking all week to get her ears pierced so we took her after school on Friday

After we left she talked about all the piercings she wants to get in the future. Ha!

Two: after getting her ears pierced we went over to Starbucks and I got my first ever Pumpkin Spiced Latte. 

It was so good that I actually went back the next day with Chloe and got another one. Lucy got my other favorite, a green tea.

Three: the weather turned cooler so we spent a lot of time cooking fall favorites

Four: Beckett took his first ride in the car grocery cart and loved it! His seatbelt was broken so Lucy volunteered to hold on to him

He tried stealing all of the slim jims 

Five: we went back to the apple orchard since our first outing was cut short by a poop explosion