Here Comes Christmas 

Don’t you just love weekends that are all about Christmas? We’ve been busy over here at the Friary house getting ready for the big day. We’re trying to soak up all that this season has to offer. We started with a day trip into the city (minus Emma who was visiting some college friends). 

We ran into the Desmarais family which was great. We even love our 10 minute visits when we can get them.

Friday night Jon took Lucy to the lighting of our town tree. It was cold and I knew Beckett wouldn’t be up for it so I stayed home with Chloe and watched a Christmas movie. Saturday we took the kids (again, minus Emma) to breakfast with Santa

Beckett wasn’t having it. Ha!

After lunch we went looking for our tree. In the years past we’ve had great luck at a local tree farm. This year the trees weren’t that great. If you’ve been following along for a few years you know by now that our trees are always misshapen. We never get that perfect tree. So I’m not sure why it was so important this year but we went to five tree places looking for a perfect tree. Yup, FIVE different tree farms with five kids in tow. During nap and dinner time. After three hours we found our tree. 

It is the most perfect fit for our room. We recently got new living room furniture so I needed a tall skinny tree

It’s perfectly decorated. And by perfect I mean, it’s been decorated by five kids. It’s filled with paper decorations that the kids made during their elementary school years, angels from Shelly, vacation ornaments, ornaments that make us laugh (and cry) and lights that are a little uneven. PERFECT. 

That is until Jon found it knocked over on the living room floor. AT 4AM.  Ha! That’s never happened before. 

So we picked up that perfect tree and redecorated it in the early morning hours right before Jon jumped on a plane to Dallas. 

Then it began to snow. 



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