I uploaded all my Christmas photos from my camera last night and they were terrible. Like, laugh out loud terrible. I can’t let any more time go by without posting Christmas so I’ll just use the pictures from my phone (which aren’t much better)

This Christmas season seemed to go by quicker than any of the other years. Probably because we constantly go nonstop. 

The kids do their sibling gift exchange on Christmas Eve

This is the first Christmas ever that we didn’t go to mass. I have felt guilty ever since but I knew Beckett would’ve been terrible. We ended up ordering out and watching Christmas movies. Lucy read T’was the Night Before Christmas to us

I tried to get a picture of al 5 kids by the tree

That didn’t work

Then it was off to bed so Santa could come

Beckett’s favorite gift was the fire truck

The girls also got everything on their lists but no pictures. Remember up above where I said the pictures came out terrible? Ha!!

We had a great day with Brian, Marlene, Liz and Sydney 

My parents came up at night, stayed in town and then came for breakfast the next day. Megan got a waffle maker so we had that and cinnamon rolls that Tracey sent up. Thanks, Tracey!!

We spent the rest of the week just kinda lazying around. We celebrated my dad’s birthday. Played in the snow

Watched tons of movies, read a bunch of books

And just enjoyed the season and each other’s company. I hope you all had a great Christmas. 

On to 2017! Happy New Year!!


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