10 Years Ago Today, A Look Back

I honestly can’t believe that it’s been 10 years since Jon and I packed up our first little house and moved up north with our three little girls. It’s amazing all that we’ve been through over these last 10 years, including welcoming two new members into this family. Here’s a look back on some of our memories from the last 10 years (warning, there are a lot of them!)



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The holidays, parties, first days of school, family movie nights, playdates, ice and snow storms that knocked out our power for days, traveling (and living abroad for a little while) long walks through the neighborhood, playing in the yard, rocking babies in the middle of the night quiet, sending kids off to college, helping with homework, bedtime stories, picnics, our thankful tree, family dinners and bringing new babies in the house. Too many moments to list here. It’s all been exciting. My favorite memories are the everyday moments. We are in the middle of “the good old days” right now. Watching this family grow and change has been the greatest joy of my life.

Home is wherever I’m with you.

I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings!

Cape Days

It’s not very often that the seven of us get to go off for the day together. We’re down to having dinner all together about once or twice a week at this point. Boo. But, days out of the house together are very rare. Luckily Jon has every other Friday off and if Emma AND Megan are both around we try to do something fun as a family.

This past Friday we got up early (6:00) and drove two hours to our favorite beach.

We spent a few hours there and then jumped back in the car for another hour to drive to P-Town. We’ve done this a few times before and it makes for a really fun day!

And unedited

Hahaha! I have to admit that I love this little toddler who constantly hangs off his mama.
It’s such a fun town to walk around! After loading up on Salt water taffy and gelato (blueberry Vegan for me) I tried to take a picture of the five kids together but Beckett wasn’t having any of it at that point…. LOL

So we gave up and headed to our favorite P-Town restaurant, Pepe’s Wharf. It’s under new ownership and the menu has changed but the view is as pretty as always!

Before leaving we stopped at a tshirt shop to pick up a few souvenirs and I ended up getting a cute picture of the kids (best souvenir of the day)

Oh, Beckett!

After we left the little town area we took off for Race Point to see if we would be able to make the sunset. It had already been a long day and we knew we still had three hours of driving before we’d be home.

The sweetest lady offered to take a family picture for us. It’s not the best, but I’m going to include it here (AND ONLY HERE) because it’s of the seven of us and like I said, that’s pretty rare.

I love days like this!


I just got back from picking blueberries with the kids and I’m pretty sure that Beckett ate his weight in berries while out there. This is the first time that I’ve been blueberry picking since I was a little girl. When I was pregnant with Emma I developed weird allergies to most fruit. During my pregnancy with Beckett the allergies disappeared and now fruit is pretty much what I live on. 

This was at the same farm that I’ve posted about many times before so after we picked our berries we went to see the farm animals

I’m pretty sure that Beckett thought this was the greatest place on earth! So much fun!! 

Weekend || Boston to the Beach

I don’t usually get the Monday morning blues in the summer but I was really sad to see Monday get here so quickly after such a fun weekend. 

We took the kids into Boston on Saturday. Jon’s wanted to take us into Chinatown for a while now. I think it’s another one of those “I miss London” things. I know that a lot of people complain about the food in London but it was honestly some of the best we ever had. So we headed out into the city for some lunch (London’s was better but this was still good).

Don’t let Beckett’s face fool you, he loved it! Ha! His appetite started picking back up this weekend and he spent the entire lunch flirting with the cute waitress. 

We had to run into Primark while we were there. I love that we have two near us now! 

Sunday we tried a new (to us) beach up near us. 

It was a perfect beach day!! 

We stopped for some pizza on the way home 

How cute is she?? 

This weekend was full!! Jon took Megan, Chloe and Lucy to the drive-in on Friday. Emma was out with Collin. Once Beck went to sleep I had the entire house to myself and it was glorious! Hahaha! I love my kids but sometimes I crave the quiet. Saturday night Megan and Emma went to another movie. So Jon and I had a quiet night with Chloe (Lucy decided watching YouTube was more fun than hanging out with us). I’m just gonna add that I love the fact that my girls all love hanging out with each other. They’re always off shopping together or going out to eat or the movies. They’ll run up to Starbucks and get a quick desert together once a week too. They’re so lucky to have one another!! Love them ❤️

A couple more photos from the weekend:

Grocery shopping with half our crew 

Moment like that are ones I ALWAYS want to remember because as fun as the city and beach are our everyday moments are by far my favorite. 

I ordered Beckett some new fall shoes and he was obviously excited when they came in

Hahaha! This baby cracks me up! 

Happy Monday!!

Life, This Week

I have 600+ photos on my phone from the last 10 days. This summer has been kinda funny, we’re either really busy or really bored. The weather this week has been horrible!! Hello… 58 degrees yesterday!! So the past few days definitely fall into the boring category. 

Last week we spent the afternoon and evening with Kirsten and her family. They just put in a new pool and the kids had a blast! 

I just love that picture up above of Kirsten feeding our babies. We’ve been friends since fifth grade and have gone through EVERYTHING together. Those two sweet little babes are our rainbow babies ❤️ 

We had a ton of fun that day and maybe a little too much wine 

Before the weather turned spring like, it was HOT HOT HOT!! 

He was hamming  it up until he heard something in the woods

Getting all five of these kids to sit down and take a picture for me has been hard lately! Seems like someone is always missing. 

Sometimes I find cute selfies on my phone and I want to keep them forever because I know that next year this little girl will be off to college and I won’t find these gems from her anymore

Beckett and I are always taking selfies too! 

Speaking of Beckett, this little boy has hit the toddler picky eating phase. It is so hard to get food into this boy lately!! It’s frustrating because he used to be such a great eater and now I’m constantly worried that he’s not getting enough calories throughout the day. Yesterday he sat down and ate about 30 mini pretzel sticks with hummus. Yay!! 

I heard about a frozen yogurt place that sells Dole pineapple soft serve, like the kind I obsess over in Disney, so we took a ride out there to see if it was any good. It was absolutely delicious!! If it was 20 degrees warmer I would’ve closed my eyes and pretended I was in the Magic Kingdom. 

Lucy started gymnastics this week and she’s loving it!! She and her friend got moved up to the 10 year old class so she’ll start that next week. 

I have to throw this last picture in here because Beckett was climbing the rails while I was on the computer and I kept telling him to get down. He would turn his little face around, look me right in the eyes and yell “get down”. like he was totally mocking me. He’s such a little stinker!! 

Let’s hope that the weather starts to warm up so we can get on with all the fun summer activities we have waited all year for. 

Happy Weekend!! 

The Beach and the Fourth

I’m just going to start off by saying that I never saw a baby, kid or adult have as much fun at the beach as Beckett did! I’m not sure if it’s his obsession with the Moana movie or what, but he had such a blast! He thought that the waves crashing over his feet were the funniest thing EVER! 

One of things we dislike about living up north is the fact that it takes two hours to go to a really nice beach. We tried Scarborough beach in Narragansett for the first time and it was SO nice! Definitely worth the drive for us!! 

Usually when we drive that far we go to the cape or Newport but we knew both areas would be super crowded with it being July 3rd. No beach trip is complete without ridiculously bad for you but super tastey fried clam cakes. Jon threw in a couple of lobster rolls and we were in Heaven! 

We celebrated the 4th at Marlene and Brian’s with most of Jon’s cousins and their families. Beckett took a liking to Miss Julia. He LOVES teenage girls and pretty much wraps them around his little finger. 

Ha! He is pretty smooth!!

And little Connor knows how to wrap Lucy around his little finger too! 

Ah summer…… you are a close second to my autumn. I’m going to enjoy you every day!! Even Target’s back to school section couldn’t entice me this morning! 

Pre 4th Festivities

This is one of my favorite Instagram weekends! I love seeing all the cute little babies and kids all decked out in their red, white and blue outfits celebrating our great country! You all know I’m a sucker for traditions and this weekend we had our town parade and fireworks. Such a fun day!!

My Patriotic babies

Emma and Colin

A cute dancing baby and his equally as cute daddy


Beckett wasn’t a huge fan of the fireworks. He moved from person to person burying his head in their neck to pretend that the sky wasn’t exploding with fire. He didn’t cry but he was definitely not a fan!


As you can see we were short another child during the festivities. We missed you, Megan! We did get to meet up with our friends at both the parade and fireworks, though. It was a really great way to kick off summer!!

Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸