Life Lately

We are at the end of February break and it’s my least favorite of all breaks. I wish our district would get rid of it and let the kids out a week earlier in the summer. It seems like we just had Christmas. There isn’t a lot to do around here in the winter if you’re like my family and hate the cold. Ha!

February started off like every other year, a Super Bowl win!! This kid was ready!


OMG!! Who is that teenage boy?!?!?!


OK……. that’s much better.

Chloe and I went prom dress shopping this weekend. I LOVE LOVE LOVE prom dress shopping with my girls. I’m sad that I only have two daughters left to go to prom. Hahahaha!


OMG!! I love this dress (and this girl) SOO much!


We took Lucy and Beckett to Disney on Ice this week. They each had a blast!! We haven’t been since the big girls were little. I forgot how much fun it was. It really makes me want to plan a Disney trip with them!!


This puppy is getting so big!! Even though she is completely house trained she is still so much work! She loves getting into Beckett’s toys and running around with them in her mouth. She keeps me moving!


I’m so thankful that this sweet little boy still loves being held. Gosh, he is so snuggly.


SO handsome!!


Bedtime… yeah right. Ha!


My new obsession are quinoa bowls. I can’t get enough!!


This is my other new obsession!! OMG!! International Delight appreciated the love with this repost. Hahaha!!



I really don’t have too many pictures from this month. Not too many interesting or fun things going on in January. I do want to save the few that I have though.

Ha! He’s so fresh!!

My top 9 of 2018 from Instagram


Lucy had her fifth grade concert to start the month off


I got to spend some time with my sweet Megan before she went back to school. Her classes started a week after all of the other schools in the area so it was nice to have her all to myself


Ok, I had to share her a little


She’s such a sweetheart.

We took Beckett’s crib down


Which is great because now he runs down the hall and climbs in my bed at all hours of the night. Ha!



But I really don’t mind.



Lucy is still his favorite person in the world.

Some puppy love:


We took the kids to the museum at Harvard last week


We love that place!

Then we went over to Flatbreads and had the BEST pizza!!! img_6348img_6349img_6341

That’s pretty much all we did all month.



Happy February!