Catching Up


I wish I had pictures of me sitting at my grandparent’s kitchen table from when I was young. I can still picture how their kitchens were set up and how they smelled. I wonder if my kids will have those same kinds of memories.


Emma and Megan were both on spring break this week. Emma is going to school full time and working full time. When she’s not off with Colin you will most likely find her like this….. book in hand with a cup of tea.img_6916

Megan went back to school yesterday. Yesterdays drop off was as hard as the September drop off. It’s crazy that she is on the last leg of her freshman year. img_6882

I had to pull the car over and snap a picture when I saw this rainbow


March definitely came in like a lion with all of the snow so we’ve been spending most of our time at home waiting for the warm weather.

The bears are back so I know its coming!



Beck pics:img_6741img_6871img_6881img_6887img_6908img_6728img_6758img_6841

Bedtime is the longest part of my day.


15 minutes after he falls asleep I start to miss him. BUT he comes into our room EVERY night now so I don’t have to wait too long to snuggle him up. HA!


He is such a BOY! He is into EVERYTHING these days. The other day he did this to the couch and when I asked what happened he told me he had no idea


That guilty face leads me to believe that he had SOME idea about what happened.

Jon was on work travel last week. When Winnie heard the garage door open she sat by the door like this


I think she missed him.


We all did.


I got to meet Laura’s new baby this week. I’m so thankful that my friends keep having babies so that I don’t have to. HA!! Beckett did say that he was very Coot (cute) and that he wanted one just like that. Hahahaha! Sorry, buddy.

Happy St. Patricks Day!


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