June Pictures

Let’s get some of these pictures on here before I forget 🙂

My littlest girl turned into a teenager this month. I’m not sure how in the world that happened so quickly!! That present she was so excited about opening was a Disney Loungefly from Tracey. She is OBSESSED with Loungefly backpacks!!

We ended our homeschool journey at the beginning of the month. It was honestly one of the BEST things we’ve done together. I LOVED having her home with me but she decided to go back to school with her friends for her 8th grade year. As much as I’m going to miss having her home with me, I’m SO ready to be back on a routine in the fall.

The flowers have been so beautiful this year!! I find myself walking around snapping pictures!! Ha!

Beckett finished up soccer for the spring. Watching him play was one of the most entertaining parts of the year so far. Haha! He really doesn’t know what’s going on with the game and his mouth definitely moves quicker than his feet out there. BUT he was SO proud of his soccer medal he received. He even scored his first goal during the last game. He kept yelling to everyone around that it was his first one.

He says he’s more of a football player……….we’ll see

Father’s Day

Megan with her oldest friend in the world

And me with mine

A few more pictures from the month:

Of course they’re all of Beckett 🙂 All caught up. Happy June!!