Beckett’s First Day of Kindergarten

After many weeks (maybe even months) of going back and forth between keeping Beckett home for another year of homeschool and sending him to kindergarten, we decided to send him. I waited until the last minute to make that decision. I made plans for both. I joined a homeschool co-op and picked our curriculum. I also bought new shoes, a backpack, and a lunch box. It wasn’t until I went to the kindergarten open house that I felt 100% comfortable sending him. The only thing that is different than when my girls went to K is that he has to wear a mask. Everything else seems completely normal.

The day before school started we took Beckett on a test run so he would know what to expect:

How cute is he?????

A few pictures from the first day:

His lunch 🙂

He wasn’t too excited to go back for day 2. That night while tucking him in to bed, I told him how much I loved him and how proud of him I was. He looked up at me and said “how many more days do I have of this crap?” Ha! Yup……. he fought me that 2nd day. It was very short lived. He came home that day tired and happy. Now he looks forward to going.

This is how he came home today:

My sweetest little prince.

I can’t believe how big this sweet boy is getting! Love you, B!!