Lucy woke up 3 hours early this morning because she wanted to open her birthday presents. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do it so early and she said “yes, just like Christmas”. So we all went downstairs around 6am to watch Lucy open her gifts. Image

She played with her new lacrosse stick (from Megan) all morning:Image

She wore her new sandals while playing:Image

I told her we could go where ever she wanted for lunch and this is what she chose:ImageImage

We stopped to smell the roses:Image

We went to the library and the outside of the library looked so pretty we had to get a few pictures in:ImageImageImage

We went to Chloe’s chorus concert:Image

Then we came home to have some more birthday cake:Image

Lucy is so excited to finally be 5!! Look how giddy she is:Image

So far 5 is fabulous! I had such a fun day with her!! I’m just hoping the next 5 years don’t go by as quickly. Happy Birthday to my sweet Lucy! I love you so much!!

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