School Lunch

I can’t get my lunch date with Lucy out of my head! I LOVED being at her school with her and meeting all her new little friends. I loved watching these little tiny babies (ok they’re 5) trying to figure out the ins and outs of the school cafeteria. There was this one little boy sitting across from me who was struggling to open his cheese stick. OMG! It was a riot. I offered to help but he wanted to do it himself, and he did. The cheese stick was smooshed and the wrapper was torn to shreds but he did end up getting it open. As for eating? I think he took 2 bites of it. Some of these kids’ parents packed the biggest feed bags I ever did see! Hardly any of the kids ate their lunches or snacks, they sat there talking, giggling, watching and learning. Except Lucy. She ate every single thing I put in her lunch box and some of my snack that I brought for myself! So this morning I sent her to school with an extra lunch snack. Even packing Lucy’s lunch bag is fun 🙂


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