Recent iPhone Photos

There isn’t any need to pull my big camera out during the day now so it sits in the dining room collecting dust. Ok, that’s a little dramatic but I still use my iphone 100 times a day. Here are some recent pics:


I like to call that one “Flying Megan”


My country girls


Lunch from last week with Jon. We found this little Greek place up in NH that was so good! 


A little sunshine on a rainy Monday morning


A little more sunshine to brighten up your beautiful Friday


Megan started field hockey this week. This photo was taken by Heather since it was an away game and I couldn’t make it.


Flowers from the most thoughtful 17 year old girl who loves her mother so very much!


My view one afternoon


I’m not the only one who misses the girls when they go to school. Sometimes Daisy will go upstairs looking for them and then fall asleep in Lu’s room. Or maybe she’s just getting a little sun 🙂

Happy Friday!

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