Oh Christmas Tree

We woke up to a blanket of snow this morning. It was a perfect day to get our tree!!! So we hopped in the truck and drove out to our favorite tree farm. I finally got our Christmas card photo taken this morning too! The setting was perfect for taking pictures today. ImageImageImageImage

Lucy threw a snowball that hit Jon in the ear when it was our turn to pose


I shouldn’t have but I couldn’t stop laughing! Image


Right about at this moment I thought my heart was going to burst! Jon and the girls came riding up the hill with our tree. Image

The tree is far from perfect. In fact, when we put it in the stand we had a good laugh at how short it was. I don’t think it’s even 6 feet tall. We’re used to these big monster trees that reach the ceiling. It’s cute though and we can’t wait to decorate it tonight!! It’s starting to feel like Christmas!!!

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