Happy 18th Birthday, Emma!!

We celebrated Emma’s 18th birthday yesterday. She had a great day at school with her friends. She even got a new pet goldfish from her friend, TJ. We made Emma 2 of her favorite meals last night for dinner, hamburgers and homemade mac and cheese. Everyone keeps saying that they can’t believe that Emma is 18 already. They keep saying it went by so fast. It feels different for me. Maybe it’s because I had Emma at such a young age. She’s been here with me during EVERY big moment in my life. My wedding, her sisters’ births, new jobs, new homes, new town. You name it and Emma has been here with me. Sometimes I forget that she’s only 18 and not 37. 

I think it will hit me when we drop her off at school in September. It will be the first time in my adult life that I don’t have my Emma right by my side. 

Happy Birthday, Emma!! I love you so much!!