Megan’s Graduation

How is it possible that Megan is getting ready to enter high school in the fall? It seems like just yesterday that she was sad to leave all her first grade friends for our big move! She adjusted to our move so quickly and has made the greatest friends up here. It’s crazy to me to see how grown up all these girls are now. ImageImageImageImageImageImage

We’re both so proud of you, Meggie!! Can’t wait to see what the next 4 years bring! 

Volunteer Appreciation Day

I got invited to the volunteer luncheon at Lucy’s school today. Such a nice idea!


This little cutie got to join me. I had such a nice year in her kindergarten class. She had the best group of kids and I’m really going to miss them.



Lucy loved her teacher and her assistant! I was so worried before she went to school in September but I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better teacher for her. She came home from school smiling everyday. She’s learned SO much this year! We’re really going to miss these sweet ladies too!
They gave us a nice lunch today, some really sweet gifts and many thanks. I’m really so thankful that I could be a part of such a sweet class. Can’t wait to see them in first grade!


Well that went by in a flash! Seems like we just dropped her off at preschool. You know, the day I cried all the way home with a sleeping newborn in the backseat (that baby is on her way to high school in the fall). I still remember what she wore on her first day of school when she was 4 years old. She had on a pair of navy blue capri pants, a red shirt and a pair of red and blue Oxfords. Her hair was up in a pony tail and the look of terror on her face was one I’ll never forget.

My camera didn’t work during the ceremony. I complained enough about that stupid camera to Jon so I’ll spare the details here. I did get a couple of grainy photos outside.



I didn’t cry during the ceremony. Lets face it, ceremonies like that are long, kinda boring and extremely hot. I did however tear up at the end when one of the graduates got everyone going like it was a pep rally and  I lost it when the caps went flying in the air. Congratulations Emma! I’m so excited to see what this next phase in life is like for the two of us.

Lucy’s Birthday Party

It was one of those weekends filled with nonstop activities. Megan came home from DC on Friday night. She had such a great time! I saw a couple of pictures from her iPod but the kids weren’t allowed to take their phones with them. Chloe had a soccer game yesterday morning and ALMOST scored twice. Emma had her prom last night and enjoyed herself so much. She was home by midnight 🙂 Always nice when I don’t have that extra worry in my life. We had Lucy’s 6th birthday party today with about 20 kids celebrating with us. Thank God it wasn’t at our house!! 


After the party Jon jumped on a plane and headed back to London.

We already miss him.