2 thoughts on “Our London Video

  1. Dearest Jill, Jonathan and Princesses of London.
    Your incredible video as so A-Mazing..it will bring back all the joys and special times you had together in London…It makes my heart skip a beat seeing all of you..such love, such great times together ..such a beautiful family What an extraordinary experience for you to treasure for always.
    Jill, I also saw the Lucy’s kindergarten Video that you made…It just leaves a lump in my throat..So beautifully done! from the back pack to Bus 12 with her sweet growing hears in between..loved the songs to both of them
    You guys have also brought such overwhelming joy to Brian and Marlene..there is no one I more wish this gift of love to.
    We love you ..have a safe trip home. Know you’ll miss your dear daddy…but he’ll be home before you know it. Keep making those videos and send them to him. It will bring him an everlasting smile that will hold him over until his sweet return.
    Wising you every happiness dear Friary Families.
    Forever love and safely home,
    Mom and Dad’s forever eternal frieinds,Lori and Steve Gerber. xooxooxoxo

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