Back to School 2014

 Megan started high school yesterday. She was a little nervous before the day started but ended up having a great day. She said that having a few upper classmen for friends helped a lot. Not one of them gave her wrong directions to her class! 






Chloe also had a great day!  Her favorite teacher from 5th grade moved up to 7th grade this year and Chloe is in her class! All of Chloe’s closest friends are in her class this year too. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year for her! 




Lucy loves her new teacher too! It’s the same teacher that Chloe had in first grade so I’m sure Lucy will do well. She was really upset when she got off the bus yesterday though. She has a new bus driver and she misses Donna. She asked last night if I could call Donna up and ask her to pick her up anyways. Poor Lucy.




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