September (so far)

It’s been a pretty busy fall so far. The girls have been working hard in school with various projects already assigned. Even Lucy had her first spelling test last week! I get the biggest kick out of that. I had a system with studying spelling words with the older girls when they were little and it seems a little nuts that Lucy is already at that stage! She likes carrying a toy down to the bus stop in the morning. This day she wanted to carry her binoculars:IMG_9935Jon was looking at something on Lucy’s “iPhone”. They were twinning so I had to snap a pictureIMG_9988Emma surprised her sisters on Friday. Look at how excited Chloe was when she got off the bus and found Emma waiting for her. We all miss her TONS!IMG_9964IMG_9970Megan is busy cheering almost every day. She is enjoying it so much and it makes the football games more exciting for all of us! IMG_0149_2I didn’t want to embarrass her by taking her picture during the game so I left my camera at home. I did snap this one though. I couldn’t resist. Last night she asked me to forward her all the pictures I took of her during the game, ummmmm…… I’m taking that as an open invitation to take the new camera to the next game.IMG_9953Chloe ran outside to pick a few tomatoes when she was in the middle of doing her homework one day. IMG_9948Chloe and Jon made the most delicious salsa last weekend! IMG_0139The weather is turning cooler which means it’s time to get the firewood ready.IMG_0154Just look at the leaves already turningIMG_0159There aren’t nearly enough hours in the day to take the amount of pictures I’d like to. I have to make more of an effort with my camera. These are the days that I always want to remember!

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