Bump Update 23 Weeks

It’s Wednesday, which means Bump day!!

How Far Along? 23 weeks, 5 days

Baby is the size of:a grapefruit  (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 17 pounds. There goes my hope of only gaining 25 pounds this pregnancy!!

The Bump: Getting rounder every day!

Food Cravings: Everything!! Last night I had to have blow pops! Weird!

Symptoms: more braxton hicks contractions

Sleep:  Sleeping has been great! Finally went out and got a few new pillows yesterday and woke up feeling much better.

What I miss: still missing the energy. I’m exhausted every night by 8:00 and struggle to keep my eyes open.

Names: Yes! I LOVE his name so much and can’t wait to introduce him to every one.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Yes, I even caught a few little jumps on camera this week 🙂

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Labor Signs: No way!

Best moment of the week: Had a bunch of great moments this week including celebrating Lucy’s 7th birthday. Today I went with her on her field trip and had so much fun! Hearing the baby’s heart beat last week is always a highlight. Shopping with Chloe on Sunday too. Enjoying a lot of the little moments this week with all 5, I mean 6 of them.

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Meeting sweet little Gioia tomorrow. I can’t believe she is already 2 weeks old.

Purchases: I bought him a few things off my registry this week. I’m checking things off my list left and right and it’s been so much fun! This morning I bought the Cybex Aton 2 car seat. I haven’t been this excited about a baby purchase since we bought Lucy’s Bugaboo stroller 7.5 years ago! Luckily the stroller is in like new condition and I can get an adapter for the car seat to snap right onto it.

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby.

IMG_0938This picture was taken about 20 minutes ago. I just got back from Lucy’s field trip and I’m obviously exhausted. Too exhausted to comb my hair, put on makeup or even take the chalkboard down from the wall. Real life right here 🙂