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Colton came up for a visit with my parents. It’s been a while since we saw him and we sure did miss him.



We’ve been spending a lot of time at home this summer. Way to hard to go anywhere with workers in the house


Megan and her friend, Rachael went to Taylor Swift on Friday.


While she was there she ran into our favorite Desmarais girls



We hung out with Mimi and Baba while they were there. Lucy and Chloe took advantage of the pool


Daddy taught Lucy how to golf



And baba taught her how to play cards


We started school shopping this week





Shopping was obviously exhausting! So we stopped at Cupcake Charlies on the way out




And one of Emma and Daisy from this morning. Daisy likes to hold your hand while you pet her


Bump Update 30 Weeks!!

How Far Along? 30 weeks 3 days

Baby is the size of: a cucumber (according to The Bump)

Total Weight Gain: 25 pounds. So surprised that I didn’t put any weight on this week. Most of my weight came at the beginning of the pregnancy.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: I’m not having any cravings lately besides the usual, fruit and ice cream.

Symptoms: I’m still getting Braxton Hicks contractions. My body is also TIRED!!

Sleep:   It’s been a little better lately besides getting up 3 or 4 times a night to go to the bathroom.

What I miss: Nothing

Names: Yes!

Gender: Boy!

Movement: all over the place! I love being able to feel the little feet poking out now.

Maternity Clothes: I’m living in dresses and skirts still. I also bought a pair of maternity leggings from Gap that are out of this world comfortable!!

Labor Signs: Not yet.

Best moment of the week:  It was a pretty quiet week around here. My parents came up with Colton last week and it was great having him around for the day. Megan went to Taylor Swift so visited with Jon’s parents so the girls could swim. Thats about it.

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: My ultrasound on Friday!! Can’t wait to find out how big he is!

Purchases: diapers, wipes (still obsessing about having enough) and a video monitor I found on Groupon.

Baby’s room: The baby’s room hasn’t been started but the attic is coming along nicely. It’ll be great once the girls are up there so we can get the house back in order and start his room.

Patriots Hall of Fame

The plan for Saturday was to meet at Patriots Place for Heather to drop Megan off from their week down the Cape. Since Chloe was at my parents house we asked them to meet us there too and go to the hall of fame with us. We try to go every other summer to get us ready for football season (our favorite part of the year).

Just a few pictures to remember a fun day:




IMG_1137 IMG_1135


I can’t wait for football season!

Cape Cod Day

Do people around here actually call it Cape Cod? We went “down the Cape” last Thursday to meet my parents at Mayflower Beach. We try to get in one beach day with them each summer (except last year). We were missing Megan since she was spending the week (down the Cape) with Paige.

IMG_1726 IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1728

Chloe was with us too but I didn’t get any pictures of her (sorry Chloe). She ended up going home with my parents to spend a couple of days (a mini vacation for her, which she was spoiled at 🙂 )

After Mayflower Beach Jon and I took my two Mini Me’s to Provincetown for the rest of the afternoon. We had to stop at Captain Frosty’s first.

IMG_1730Seriously, mini me’s

IMG_1729 IMG_1731


Then we jumped back in the car and drove down to Ptown

IMG_1741 IMG_1744 IMG_1745We always have so much fun walking around there and stopping at all the little shops. WARNING: The toy store on the main street isn’t actually a toy store. I didn’t realize that until after I pointed it out to Lucy. It gave me a good laugh though 🙂

Ptown is one of the prettiest places on the Cape (in my opinion) and one of the most fun too!!

IMG_1747 IMG_1749 IMG_1750 IMG_1758After walking around for what seemed like hours for this pregnant mama we headed off to Pepe’s Wharf for dinner. We ate there a couple of years ago and had to go again. I’m funny like that when it comes to places to eat. I knew we would enjoy the food and the atmosphere is so pretty so why try something different? Especially when you’re pregnant and food is SOOO important to making or breaking your day.

IMG_1759 IMG_1760Just look at the view!!

IMG_1761 IMG_1762

After dinner we jumped back in the car and headed off to Race Point to watch the sunset

IMG_1768 IMG_1780A couple of years ago I took some of my most favorite pictures of the girls up on these life guard chairs.

IMG_1766I’m hoping to get all 5 of them up there next year.


It was a very long and busy day down the cape. It took us almost 3 hours to get home but it was well worth it.

Bump Update 29 Weeks!!

How Far Along? 29 weeks

Baby is the size of: an acorn squash (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 25 pounds.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: Not craving anything out of the ordinary this week.

Symptoms: braxton hicks contractions

Sleep:   Pregnancy insomnia is in full effect!

What I miss: nothing! I read an article this week about a woman who is pregnant in the summer after having a miscarriage. She talks about the heat, the heartburn, the swelling feet and how she wouldn’t change any of it because she knows that she has a healthy baby in there and I feel the EXACT same way!!

Names: Yes!

Gender: Boy!

Movement: all over the place!

Maternity Clothes: yes, I’ve been living in all of my maternity dresses and skirts. SO much more comfortable than my maternity shorts.

Labor Signs: No. Although, after walking all day yesterday I was starting to get a little nervous when my braxton hicks contractions wouldn’t let up.

Best moment of the week:  We’ve had a few really great moments this week. Last weekend in Newport was a ton of fun, as was yesterday in Dennis. We spent a few hours with my parents at the beach, then took Emma and Lucy to Ptown for the afternoon and watched the sun go down at Race Point.

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Saturday afternoon when we pick Megan and Chloe up from their mini vacations.

Purchases: Sophie the Giraffe

Baby’s room: It’s really no closer to being done then it was last week.

IMG_1773This photo was taken by Jon at Race Point Beach. (iPhone)

Weekend Snapshots


Megan spent a few days at her grandparents last week. After we picked her up we took the kids to Newport. It was my first trip in 2 years!









The beach was so crowded! Driving away from the beach we noticed a mile backup just waiting to get in. We left just in time. After a fun morning on the beach we drove out to Flo’s on Island park. We tried to get in here on Mother’s Day but it was too crowded.






These clam cakes were worth the 2 month wait!

I love summer weekends

Bump Update 28 Weeks!!!

Well hello there, third trimester!

How Far Along? 28 weeks today!!! I made it through the first 2 trimesters and couldn’t be happier to be in the home stretch!!

Baby is the size of:  an eggplant (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 22 pounds. I haven’t gained any weight over the last couple of weeks.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: I haven’t been craving anything lately until last night. All of a sudden I am in the mood for Thanksgiving dinner. I’m heading out to look for a turkey breast to throw in the oven (even though it’s going to be close to 90 degrees for the next 3 days). Some roasted brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. Stay tuned to next week’s weight gain. 🙂

Symptoms: heart burn hasn’t been as bad this week. I’ve actually gained a little bit of my energy back too. I’ve been feeling a little bit more uncomfortable this week. He’s getting bigger and so is my belly!

Sleep:   I can’t get comfortable unless I use all 5 of my pillows. Jon was forced out to the couch the other night. ha!

What I miss: I’m not really missing anything right now.

Names: Yes!

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Still moving all over the place. I can feel little feet sticking out and a little bum on the right side.

Maternity Clothes: Yes! and a regular bikini for the pool when it’s just the 6(7) of us.

Labor Signs: No way!

Best moment of the week:  watching the framers drive away yesterday. ha! I want my house back in order.

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Getting to sleep in next week knowing there won’t be anyone working on the house.

Purchases: YES!! I had so much fun at the Target baby sale!! I’ve been trying to stock up on diapers and some of the other essentials he needs.


This should last me about two weeks. I’m going with mostly organic diapers this time. One of my babies (who shall remain nameless) used to get the worse diaper rashes. I recommended Babyganics to Kirsten who loves them with Gioia so I’ve been trying to get as much as these as I can. I also loved the Seventh Generation with Lucy so I bought a few of those, along with Honest. I bought a couple of Pampers sensitive at the Target sale too. I figured I’d give them another shot.

IMG_1114 IMG_1115

Just a few more essentials for him. I’m telling you, I haven’t had this much fun shopping at Target in a LONG time!! You should see me at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby!! I promised Jon I would cool it for a few months since we’re running out of room.

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby. I can’t wait to start his room!! Mostly everything is shoved into the corner of my bathroom (except the car seat and crib)



His stroller is all set up and our diaper bag is waiting to be filled.

Only 12 more weeks until I’m due!!!

Bump photo:


Summer…….. so far

I know I said that I wanted “quiet and relaxing” but this summer has been kinda B.O.R.I.N.G. Between Emma and Jon working a TON and getting the house ready for little Friary 7.0, we’ve been stuck in town for what seems like FOREVER! We’ve been trying to sneak some fun in here and there to make up for it.

I have TONS of photos to post. This might get a little boring for ya, but they’re moments I want to remember.

IMG_1018 IMG_1019We’ve been getting a lot of pool time in.

IMG_1023 IMG_1025 IMG_1027 IMG_1028 IMG_1032 IMG_1034Megan didn’t have a typical family birthday party this year. Everyone seemed to be in different places so we sat outside and made s’mores a few hours before Jon left for Germany.

IMG_1605I was a little nervous about passing my glucose test last week so I posted a sassy selfie to take my mind off it. I passed, thank God!

IMG_1609 IMG_1608

Raspberries are starting to pop. Lucy picks bowls full of them, adds a little sugar and eats the whole thing!

IMG_1636 IMG_1630 IMG_1624 IMG_1617 IMG_1615 IMG_1614 IMG_1613 IMG_1612 IMG_1611Jon and I took Lucy and Chloe to play mini golf on Friday while Emma and Megan went out. We had a BLAST!! Lucy’s first shot was a hole in one! They also went on a quick bumper boat ride before the place closed. They had the entire pool to themselves and had so much fun! I posted a cute video on Instagram (JillFri).

IMG_1101 IMG_1100IMG_1663

IMG_1595Another bump photo taken by Lucy


My parents came up to watch the parade with us this year. IMG_1070

IMG_1071 IMG_1072 IMG_1073 IMG_1080 IMG_1079

You get lots of candy when you have two teenagers helping you out.

IMG_1650 IMG_1648

IMG_1099 IMG_1097 IMG_1096 IMG_1095 IMG_1090IMG_1657So that’s our quiet, relaxing and boring summer so far.

Bump Update 26 Weeks!!!

How Far Along? 26 weeks, 5 days

Baby is the size of:a head of lettuce (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 22 pounds.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: Just the usual, ice cream and fruit, cereal with milk

Symptoms: My symptoms haven’t changed much this week, still tired, still moody. I’ve been feeling like my blood pressure is up a little bit this week and can’t wait to have that checked out tomorrow. Jon’s been in Germany this week and we’re having work done on the house, add that in to taking care of everything else and it’s no wonder I’m a little stressed out.

Sleep:   non existent. I normally sleep great while Jon is away but I can’t get comfortable and I have non stop heart burn.

What I miss: Jon

Names: Yes! Jon found a pub in Germany that had the same name and sent me a picture of it.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: he is moving constantly now. I can see my belly moving all over the place

Maternity Clothes: Yes! But I recently bought a non maternity dress from Old Navy that is super comfy (it’s in the picture) plus all of my Nations LTD shirts and sweatshirts (since it’s been so chilly)

Labor Signs: No way!

Best moment of the week:  Celebrating Megan’s 15th birthday this week!

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Jon coming home, the attic being finished and of course, my appointment tomorrow.

Purchases: Nothing this week. Oh wait, that’s not true. I bought him a winter hat from baby Gap

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby. I can’t wait to start his room!!

photo (3)

Lucy took this picture of me about 10 minutes ago. This is the dress I bought from Old Navy. I should have bought a couple of them!! They were on sale for $9 last week.