Bump Update 29 Weeks!!

How Far Along? 29 weeks

Baby is the size of: an acorn squash (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 25 pounds.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: Not craving anything out of the ordinary this week.

Symptoms: braxton hicks contractions

Sleep:   Pregnancy insomnia is in full effect!

What I miss: nothing! I read an article this week about a woman who is pregnant in the summer after having a miscarriage. She talks about the heat, the heartburn, the swelling feet and how she wouldn’t change any of it because she knows that she has a healthy baby in there and I feel the EXACT same way!!

Names: Yes!

Gender: Boy!

Movement: all over the place!

Maternity Clothes: yes, I’ve been living in all of my maternity dresses and skirts. SO much more comfortable than my maternity shorts.

Labor Signs: No. Although, after walking all day yesterday I was starting to get a little nervous when my braxton hicks contractions wouldn’t let up.

Best moment of the week:  We’ve had a few really great moments this week. Last weekend in Newport was a ton of fun, as was yesterday in Dennis. We spent a few hours with my parents at the beach, then took Emma and Lucy to Ptown for the afternoon and watched the sun go down at Race Point.

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Saturday afternoon when we pick Megan and Chloe up from their mini vacations.

Purchases: Sophie the Giraffe

Baby’s room: It’s really no closer to being done then it was last week.

IMG_1773This photo was taken by Jon at Race Point Beach. (iPhone)