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A few moments from the end of June:




Lucy had her 7 year old well check this month.


She also had her author’s tea in her classroom. It was fun getting to go into the classroom and read all the kids’ stories. Lucy wrote her book about London. I love how she is standing in front of Big Ben. Too cute!!


I was so excited to get my new car seat!!


My Meg and me




Jon and I went to Lucy’s field day


My 25 week bump


Chloe already got in a beach day. I’m a little jealous








26 week bump



I love to watch her play! Especially in that morning light.

I’m all caught up with my June photos.
The summer has been quiet so far. A few birthday parties here and there. A few play dates and sleepovers with friends. Movie and lunch trips with the girls. A slow, relaxing summer!! Just what we wanted 🙂

Bump Update 25 Weeks!!

How Far Along? 25 weeks, 6 days

Baby is the size of:a cauliflower (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 20 pounds.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: Just the usual, ice cream and fruit

Symptoms: still lacking any energy. I’ve also been moody and more emotional than usual. Ha!

Sleep:   Sleeping has been great lately.

What I miss: not having heart burn after eating

Names: Yes! I LOVE his name so much and it was great to hear Jon use it this week.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: he is moving constantly now. Sticks his little butt out on my right side all the time too!

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Labor Signs: No way!

Best moment of the week:  Last night after having a long day the baby started moving and flipping around. Lucy was going nuts, belly laughing at him and laying her face on my belly so she could talk to him. It was the cutest thing ever!!

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Summer!!!! The girls are out of school and it’s so nice to not have to be on a schedule.

Purchases: I bought his coming home outfit this week and a fleece jacket for the cool fall days.

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby.

No bump photos this week. I’ve been way to busy with the end of the school year activities. It looks the same as last week though 🙂

Last Day of School

Today was the last day of school. YAY! Seriously, I wait for this ALL year! I can’t wait to NOT be on a schedule. I’m looking forward to lazy mornings, fun afternoons, late nights, beach trips, relaxing by the pool, hanging out with friends and the summer time food!! Oh, the summer time food will be great for this pregnant mama this year!

I think the girls were ready to be done too. Lucy seemed a little sad to leave her first grade teacher and a few of her friends but I promised her a fun, fun summer!! We said good bye to our favorite bus drivers yesterday and they both spoiled me with gifts for this sweet baby boy. We sent notes and gifts to them and the teachers, thanking them for a great year and wishing them an even greater summer. I love all of the end of the school activities we do every year, even though it keeps me running all over town.

Last day of 7th grade:

IMG_0998Where does the time go?? Chloe made high honors this last term. It’s something she’s been working at all year, missing it every other term by one B+. We are so proud of her but it makes us even happier to see how proud of herself she is!! Way to go Chloe!!

Last day of 1st grade:

IMG_1008It was a little early to be taking pictures with a flash. This was the biggest smile I could get out of her. Lucy also got a great report card!! She’s ready for second grade…… WHAT?!?!

After school we cleaned out ALL of the backpacks, lunch boxes, folder and computer desk:

IMG_1011 IMG_1013 IMG_1012 IMG_1009Lucy was a little sad to throw away this backpack. She’s been using it for 2 years and it’s a little ratty:

IMG_1014I packed up some of my favorite artwork, awards, certificates and sweet notes from this year. I came across Lucy’s Adventure book she made this year (we had the Author’s Tea last week). She wrote about her summer in London. I love the cover of her standing in front of Big Ben:

IMG_1015I asked her if I could take a picture of each page to post here but she said no. Sigh…… I hope nothing happens to this book because it sure is a keeper.

We went through some of our old things and found Chloe’s from first grade too. It was all about Disney World:

IMG_1016I’m looking forward to having a few more adventures with these girls this summer. Maybe I’ll have Lucy do another book 🙂

Happy Summer!!!

Bump Update 24 Weeks!

How Far Along? 24 weeks, 5 days

Baby is the size of:a cantaloupe (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 19 pounds. Yup, those pounds just keep adding up.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: Nothing in particular, I can eat just about anything and obviously I have been.

Symptoms: still tired and still getting a few braxton hicks contractions a day.

Sleep:  Once I get into a comfortable position I’m OUT like a light! I’ve been waking up on my back and right side in the middle of the night which is a big no no so, I try quietly to flip myself over. I’m sure I wake Jon up every time I do it but he’s been a good sport and hasn’t mentioned it yet.

What I miss: still missing the energy.

Names: Yes! I LOVE his name so much and can’t wait to introduce him to every one.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: He moves a LOT and recently he’s been moving SOOO low!

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Labor Signs: No way!

Best moment of the week:  We had Lucy’s friend birthday party this week. That was a great time!! I also went to get my hair cut yesterday. Ajaye and I sat and talked for over an hour since he didn’t have any other clients. I LOVE when Ajaye is in the mood to talk 🙂 Plus my hair came out really cute! I also got to spend a few hours with Kirsten this week at her new house. I snuggled up her sweet 2 week old baby girl for more than 2 hours!! It was heaven!!

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to the girls getting out of school next week.

Purchases: Nothing this week 🙂 You’re welcome, Jon. But my mom did buy me a cute little fox bib and some Babyganics diapers. Also, my car seat came in this week so that was exciting!! I only need to pick up a few more things for him. Of course, my wish list is still pretty long. I’m having a lot of fun!!

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby.


A Party For Lucy

We celebrated Lucy’s 7th birthday with her school friends yesterday. She wanted to have an ice cream themed birthday.


IMG_0949 IMG_0951 IMG_0952IMG_0956

Everyone in the house pitched in to help make Lucy’s party fun!

IMG_0976Even though Emma had to work she made this really cute ice cream poster so that the kids could play pin the cherry on the ice cream cone



IMG_0972 IMG_0974 IMG_0975I love pictures like this of kids rushing towards the prize

IMG_0983The girls always seem to hang out ON the roof instead of inside the house. ALL of my girls have done this.

IMG_0978She had such a fun day yesterday with all her bffs.


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Recent iPhone Photos



We had Megan’s cheer banquet a few weeks ago. It was really sad at the end when the coach announced that she was retiring. The girls love her so much!


I took this picture to send to Kirsten when she was 2 weeks over due. Boobs, belly and ice cream






The carnival came back to town. Being pregnant is the best excuse to stay off the rides!


I’ve got one of his drawers filled


Ordered this car seat is charcoal yesterday.



Went on Lucy’s field trip yesterday to see a play called Click Clack Moo


Emma and Chloe worked on some paper flowers for Lucy’s birthday party this weekend


This morning I got to snuggle this little girls for 2 whole hours!! So excited to finally meet her!!

Bump Update 23 Weeks

It’s Wednesday, which means Bump day!!

How Far Along? 23 weeks, 5 days

Baby is the size of:a grapefruit  (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 17 pounds. There goes my hope of only gaining 25 pounds this pregnancy!!

The Bump: Getting rounder every day!

Food Cravings: Everything!! Last night I had to have blow pops! Weird!

Symptoms: more braxton hicks contractions

Sleep:  Sleeping has been great! Finally went out and got a few new pillows yesterday and woke up feeling much better.

What I miss: still missing the energy. I’m exhausted every night by 8:00 and struggle to keep my eyes open.

Names: Yes! I LOVE his name so much and can’t wait to introduce him to every one.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Yes, I even caught a few little jumps on camera this week 🙂

Maternity Clothes: Yes!

Labor Signs: No way!

Best moment of the week: Had a bunch of great moments this week including celebrating Lucy’s 7th birthday. Today I went with her on her field trip and had so much fun! Hearing the baby’s heart beat last week is always a highlight. Shopping with Chloe on Sunday too. Enjoying a lot of the little moments this week with all 5, I mean 6 of them.

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Meeting sweet little Gioia tomorrow. I can’t believe she is already 2 weeks old.

Purchases: I bought him a few things off my registry this week. I’m checking things off my list left and right and it’s been so much fun! This morning I bought the Cybex Aton 2 car seat. I haven’t been this excited about a baby purchase since we bought Lucy’s Bugaboo stroller 7.5 years ago! Luckily the stroller is in like new condition and I can get an adapter for the car seat to snap right onto it.

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby.

IMG_0938This picture was taken about 20 minutes ago. I just got back from Lucy’s field trip and I’m obviously exhausted. Too exhausted to comb my hair, put on makeup or even take the chalkboard down from the wall. Real life right here 🙂

Lucy Turns 7!!

I can’t believe my little Lucy turned 7 this weekend! What a sweet little pumpkin she is. We had her family party on Saturday and she had such a great time!

Here she is patiently waiting to open her gifts

IMG_0906 IMG_0907 IMG_0904

She took time and read every word in every card



And then dove into the presents





She had such a fun day with the people she loves most





Happy Birthday, sweet Lu!! We love you so much and hope all your birthday wishes come true!!

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Bump Update 22 Weeks!!

How Far Along? 22 weeks, 5 days

Baby is the size of:a papaya   (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 15 pounds

The Bump: Round and low! My girls used to sit right up under my ribs. This little boy seems so much lower

Food Cravings: Fruit, ice cream and English muffins with peanut butter. I’m hungry ALL the time!! I fill up on healthy foods most of the time (besides ice cream) and I can’t get full.

Symptoms: heart burn already!

Sleep:  Sleeping has been great! I’m out as soon as my head hits the pillow. I am in desperate need of new pillows though. I wake up sore every morning.

What I miss: Energy. I have none! I thought the second trimester was supposed to be the easiest. I’m tired ALL the time!

Names: Yes! And went into slight panic mode (shaking and almost vomiting, calling Jon in a panic at work) when I found out that a close friend was thinking of the same name for her baby boy. Seriously, I was going to offer to buy the name this morning. She laughed and told me it was all mine. Another good friend of hers is also considering the name. I can’t help it! I am SOOOO in love with this name and already call him by it. It’s been 6 hours and my heart rate has finally returned to normal.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Yes and it never gets old! He’s been showing off and kicking for Jon and the girls lately too 🙂

Maternity Clothes: Yes! Bought some new jeans that are super comfy!

Labor Signs: No but I have braxton hicks occasionally

Best moment of the week: Seeing the baby at my ultrasound last Friday. He’s getting so big!

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: hearing the baby’s heartbeat on Friday morning

Purchases: more socks, a couple of Burt’s Bees outfits and some onesies

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby.

IMG_0889It’s hard to believe I have 18 weeks left to grow!!