Bump Update 26 Weeks!!!

How Far Along? 26 weeks, 5 days

Baby is the size of:a head of lettuce (according to the bump)

Total Weight Gain: 22 pounds.

The Bump: Round and low!

Food Cravings: Just the usual, ice cream and fruit, cereal with milk

Symptoms: My symptoms haven’t changed much this week, still tired, still moody. I’ve been feeling like my blood pressure is up a little bit this week and can’t wait to have that checked out tomorrow. Jon’s been in Germany this week and we’re having work done on the house, add that in to taking care of everything else and it’s no wonder I’m a little stressed out.

Sleep:   non existent. I normally sleep great while Jon is away but I can’t get comfortable and I have non stop heart burn.

What I miss: Jon

Names: Yes! Jon found a pub in Germany that had the same name and sent me a picture of it.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: he is moving constantly now. I can see my belly moving all over the place

Maternity Clothes: Yes! But I recently bought a non maternity dress from Old Navy that is super comfy (it’s in the picture) plus all of my Nations LTD shirts and sweatshirts (since it’s been so chilly)

Labor Signs: No way!

Best moment of the week:  Celebrating Megan’s 15th birthday this week!

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Jon coming home, the attic being finished and of course, my appointment tomorrow.

Purchases: Nothing this week. Oh wait, that’s not true. I bought him a winter hat from baby Gap

Baby’s room: I’m going with a woodland theme. Bought the bedding from Pottery Barn Baby. I can’t wait to start his room!!

photo (3)

Lucy took this picture of me about 10 minutes ago. This is the dress I bought from Old Navy. I should have bought a couple of them!! They were on sale for $9 last week.