Beckett James, Month Six

Wow! 6 months already!!

Weight: 15.5 pounds. I knew he was little but I was shocked he wasn’t at least 16 pounds! He is definitely taking after his big sisters by being so lean.

Length: 26.50 inches

Loves: playing with his stacking cups and knocking them over. He likes to dance with mama and loves taking walks now (yes!!) He still loves being held and walked around, no sitting quietly for this little boy. He loves watching Daisy and has started to reach his hands out to her when she comes over to him. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! We don’t sit and watch an entire episode but he loves the opening song and his face lights up whenever he sees him.

Dislikes: bedtime. He knows the routine and starts to whine a little bit when we start it.

Sleeping: I have a feeling that sleep will always be a battle with this little boy. He is doing much better at night and even went all night a couple of times. Most of the time he wakes up once or twice. I normally put him down around 6:30. He wakes up around 11:30 for a feeding and then again around 5:00 for another feeding. Napping is almost nonexistent unless I’m lucky enough to get him to fall asleep in the car.

Eating: Still nursing every 2-3 hours during the day and eating solids twice a day. He loves all his food and recently started eating little bits from our plates. Anytime he sees someone eating something his little mouth opens and he reaches out his hands. Too cute!!

Milestones: Sitting up on his own for a few minutes at a time. He likes to sit on his blanket and play with his toys. He rolls a lot more lately and moves all over his blanket and crib. He reaches out and is able to grab any toy or object that he wants. EVERYTHING goes in his mouth these days including my hair. I walk around with wet matted hair all the time. He grabs at his feet and brings them right up to his mouth. He’s a wiggly worm and changing his diaper has been challenging at times because he likes to roll back and forth, he likes to kick his legs and put his toes in his mouth.



I love his face in these pictures:


Oh Beckett!!!! I can’t believe that you are already a half year old! You have the best personality and light up any room you are in. You giggle and smile SO easily. You have brought so much happiness to your other 6 Friarys. We love you so much!! Happy half year!!