Beckett James, Month Ten

Ten!! As in ONE ZERO! How are you already into the double digits??

This was you last year at this time:

And here you are today:IMG_5372

SOOOO happy and full of life!!

Likes: You LOVE the pool right now. As soon as you see daddy in the pool waiting for you, you start to wave your arms like crazy trying to get to him. You still love going on walks and swinging in your swing. Pretty much anything outside. We’ve been picking up new toys for you whenever we go out shopping but you prefer to rip apart magazines and empty my cabinets. You LOVE when Lucy gets down on the floor to play with you but HATE when she tries taking anything away from you. You also love to see Daisy napping and crawl right over to her to wake her up. You love your bath time and LOVE to eat. Exploring the house is your favorite thing to do.


Dislikes: you still hate to sit still. If you’re in someones arms they need to be walking around with you. You get so angry if someone takes something away from you (pieces of magazines, fuzz from the wool rug, anything you can choke on). If you’re going for the wires and we try to move you away you WILL throw a major temper tantrum. You hate to be told “no”


Sleep: I love when I don’t have to complain too much about your sleeping habits. Although, our week in Maine screwed up your sleep schedule for a little while. You go down to sleep around 6:30-7:00pm, most nights you sleep straight through until around 4:30. Wake to eat and then go right back to sleep until 6:30am. You have a two hour nap starting around 9:00am and a quick cat nap sometime in the afternoon. I WISH I could get you to sleep a little longer but our house is TOO BUSY and you are WAY TO NOSEY!IMG_5363IMG_5157


Eating: Still nursing whenever you want. I ask you “want mama to feed you?” And you giggle your head off. It’s your favorite thing!! Breakfast is typically yogurt and puffs. Lunch is different everyday. You love mac and cheese, pasta with butter, toast with butter, avocados, bananas, strawberries, baby food pouches. Dinner is whatever we’re having. You haven’t met a food that you don’t like yet. IMG_5021

Wearing: still wearing 6-12 month clothing. Size 3 diapers. Size 1 FP and size 3 sneakers.

Milestones: You are crawling all over the house. You now use your legs instead of the army crawl but your belly still drags on the floor most of the time. When you do get up on all fours you try to stand up. You’re taking steps while we hold your hand and I’m afraid you’re just gonna start running at any moment. You laugh at everyone. You wave goodbye and say “bah”. You like to give high fives and you give the best kisses and hugs. You have a third tooth, right up top and to the left. Your gums are all swollen and it’s just a matter of days before they all start popping through. You wear your amber necklace everyday and seem to be handling teething like a champ. You sit and play with your toys for a little while without having to have someone right beside you. You feed yourself your dinner every night and like to share with Daisy. You moved into your new big boy car seat this month too.  You are growing and changing so much and it seems like you are doing something new everyday. I just want time to slow down a little bit. Here I am, planning your first birthday. Doesn’t seem possible.


Beckett James, I still can’t believe you’re mine.





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