We just got back from a week long stay in Maine. We were lucky enough to be offered a cute house right off the beach.


This was our first vacation as a family of seven. Unfortunately, Emma was only able to come for a few days because she needed to get back to work.



We spent last Sunday up in Portland and found THE B.E.S.T. donut shop EVER!! Holy Donuts! It was so good that I could do an entire post on just that place alone!!


We also loved the city of Portland. It was just very “us”

Matt came up to get Emma so she didn’t have to take her car up and drive back alone. We stopped at a great little place to grab some lobster rolls before they left. One of my favorite things about Maine was the food!



(There is always someone with a camera in this baby’s face)

Another favorite of mine is the Maine sky



Megan wanted to wake up to see the sunrise one morning and since Beckett was awake at 3:30 it worked out perfect. HA!


It was worth every tiring second the rest of the day because it was absolutely gorgeous!!

We spent lots of time playing on the beach. We took walks up and down it ALL day and night.


Megan’s sweet friend Grace came up to spend a few days with us and we took a ride back to Portland….. for more donuts



Then we took a ride to Freeport


Then we went to a water park with them. They’re way up there on the top of those stairs. Lucy was brave enough to go on the big water slide with Megan, Chloe and Grace.


They loved that! I ran into two of my good friends from high school and their families at the park.

We tried Old Orchard Beach but wasn’t very impressed. Lucy did try a corn dog for the first time


And a few more pictures:



It was such a fun week! We created a lot of fun memories with the kids. I never knew how beautiful the coast of Maine was. It’s like a hidden gem up there, away from the traffic and crowds of the Cape or Newport.


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