Beckett James, Month Nine

Weight: 17 pounds

Height: 28 1/4 inches

You are such a tiny little peanut! We just got home from the doctors and even though you’re little, the doctor said you are absolutely perfect. But I already knew that. 

Likes: your personality is just bigger than life! You are the happiest, silliest boy and you laugh so easily. Especially when Daisy comes over to lick your face 

You laugh and squeal every time you’re on the swing

You love going in the pool with daddy, going for walks with mama and playing with all of your toys. You’re into playing with your farm and the llama is your absolute favorite. Peekaboo is a favorite of yours and you’re finally getting into books. 

Dislikes: sitting still, being put down and unfamiliar faces. 

Sleep: YES!! Finally!! You normally go down at 6:30pm and will sleep for a good 12-13 hours. You have a 1-2 hour nap in the morning and a quick 30 minute nap in the afternoon (we’ll work on that one) 

Milestones: you are amazing us everyday with your new skills! You started the month off by rolling wherever you wanted to go. Now you’re army crawling to get around. You can pull yourself to a standing position and have started giving high fives and blowing kisses

Wearing: Still wearing 6-12 month clothing and still in a size one Freshly Picked Moc. 

Eating: You are a GREAT eater!! Still nursing around 5-6 times a day. Eating 3 solid meals a day. You typically have yogurt and puffs for breakfast, fruit and veggie pouches for lunch and dinner along with anything that we’re eating. You want everything we have and last week you ate an entire slice of pizza! You love Mac and cheese, bananas and avocado! 

Nine month photos:

Nine months in, nine months out. This has been the fast 18 months of my entire life. I was a little sad today when I made your next doctors appointment and it’s when you turn one. Time certainly is a thief. You are so loved, Beckett James!! By everyone who has ever met you. People always comment on your sweet little face and how gorgeous your big brown eyes are. Happy nine months, Bubba!! 


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