Recent iPhone Photos

I’m running out of room on my phone so before I take this months pictures off (over 700) I thought I’d post some here.

Beckett is all over the place so he NEEDED a playpen. My parents bought him this awesome one by Joovy. So our joke to Beckett is that he’s being sent to “Joovy” every time we put him in there. Super corny, I know. 

We wrapped up another school year and went out for our traditional last day of school ice cream date 

We hung out with the Gilmore’s by the fire pit one night and these two ran around catching fireflies 

Beckett and Uncle Kevin

We celebrated Megan’s 16th birthday last week and she decided to go blonde for the summer

I snapped that picture of Emma as she was heading to a wedding with Matt

I took Lucy to see Finding Dory in 3 D last week. 

Jon and I took Megan and three of her friends to Boston on her birthday. They walked around Newbury Street for about 5 hours. Jon and I did a little shopping and walking around with this sweet boy. Check out his new Toms we picked up! How cute are they?

We’ve spent the last couple of days enjoying all of  our 4th of July traditions including the town parade, fireworks and lobster lunch. I can’t even begin to describe how much fun Beckett has been having this weekend. He was so entertained at the parade and fireworks. He enjoyed all the people watching and music! This afternoon the 7 of us swam around the pool together and he just splashed and laughed the entire time. 

It doesn’t get much better than that!! 


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