A Little Throwback and an Introduction 

When Lucy was little we used to stop at a local farm once a week during the fall. We always made this stop on our way up to Trader Joe’s.

Armed with a pocketful of quarters for feeding the animals and an appetite for apple spiced donuts we would head out for an hour of fun. 
Sometimes we would take a friend

Sometimes we would take a sister

Once in a while the entire family would join us

But most of the time it was just me and Lu

I’ve posted here a few times about how much I loved stopping there with Lucy. Once she went to kindergarten it actually hurt to drive up to Trader Joe’s alone. I missed my little partner. 

On Beckett’s birthday Lucy begged me to stay home so she could spend the day with us. I was hesitant because we had already had his party and I didn’t plan on doing anything fun that day without the rest of the family. I told her that if she could come up with something fun and local for us to do she could stay home.  She told me she wanted to go to the farm. It’s like I had a big sticker on my head that said SUCKER. There was no way I would say no to her skipping school now. So we found as many quarters as we could and headed over to the farm.

The weather was perfect and it was late enough in the afternoon that the field trip kids were gone. I couldn’t help noticing so many other mamas with babies, toddler and little preschoolers making their own memories over on that great farm. I was so thankful that Lucy came up with the idea to bring Beckett. He enjoyed watching and petting the animals but wasn’t so sure about sitting next to all the pumpkins. Ha! I hope he grows up to love this place as much as we do. 

Thank you Lucy for letting me relive some of the fun memories that day. But,  I still miss you TONS when I stop at Trader Joe’s 💕


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