I already posted these pictures on Instagram and Facebook but wanted to make sure I brought them over here too.

Beckett made the cutest little Mickey Mouse. He happily sat in his wagon and let me pull him around all morning. Trick or treating was a different story. He was not having it at all! He screamed the entire time we were out. He even lost part of his costume while throwing a temper tantrum. I felt bad for the Gilmore family who came with us. I even left in the middle and brought Beckett home to have Chloe put him to bed. Poor baby was tired, cold and probably a little freaked out. 

Lucy was the perfect Queen of Hearts. She wanted this costume last year but we couldn’t find it. As soon as we found it in September we grabbed it. 

Lucy was so excited to trick or treat with her bestie. 

It was a little sad not having any of the older kids with us this year. This was the first year that Chloe didn’t go out. I think she was ready to hang up that Halloween hat of hers. She really isn’t a fan at all. While we were out with the Gilmores last night we were talking about how when Beckett is ready to stop trick or treating with us, we’ll have 30+ years of trick or treating under our belts. I’m sure by then I’ll be ready to hang up my hat too, but not yet. I still LOVE this stage! 


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