Recent iPhone Photos

October is always a fun and busy month over here. Chloe wrapped up her freshman field hockey season with their pink game. It’s always a fun game to go to and it’s obviously a great cause to support 

October weather is my absolute favorite so we spent a ton of time outside

The foliage was extra gorgeous this year!

We enjoyed a great visit with Tracey and the girls

Those two make great lunch dates. I have no idea what caught their attention in that first picture but it cracks me up

Megan got a terrible burn at work! An entire pot of coffee fell on her. 

My poor girl needed some Starbucks to make her feel better

Cheer comps just started last weekend 

Chloe did some great comic book makeup for Halloween 

We took Lucy to her first Celtics game this week

And since I’m not doing an official 13 month update on Beckett….. can you believe he will be 13 months tomorrow…… here are a few pictures of him from this month

He’s such a good boy!! He still isn’t sleeping at night though. He is a busy little guy during the day. He is constantly climbing on things and still loves emptying the cabinets. He understands everything we tell him and let me just say that this little bubba LOVES to eat


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