Recent iPhone Photos

This winter season has been flying by!! We’ve been so busy with school, work and extra curricular activities that I haven’t had a minute to get over to my little corner of the internet to update. img_8307

We are psyched that once again our NE Patriots are Super Bowl champions!! Go PATS! Last time they won Beckett was in my belly. I think he’s a little good luck charm.



We took the kids to the Harvard Museum of Natural History a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t been in 2 years and I was shocked to see how many kids Beckett’s age were there. It’s the new spot for babies to hang out, I guess.


Look at the way this sweet boy looks up at his mama. Melts. My. Heart!! OMG!


He melts ALL of our hearts.


Lucy got a pottery set for Christmas and spent today (snow day) making a bowl for Baba Paul. They always seem to have an art deal going. She is his favorite artist 🙂


I had to put that shot in of Beckett’s little curl. Gosh, he’s cute!

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