Beckett James, Month 18

Oh Beckett, oh Beckett, OH BECKETT!

How in the world are you already 18 months old?


Likes: One of your favorite things to do is dance! Anytime you want to dance you walk over to daddy’s stereo and say “down”. And brother, you know how to get down. It’s the cutest thing to watch! You also LOVE reading books. You and I will sit on the floor next to the book basket and read every single book in there. You are really starting to figure out how to play with some of your big boy toys and I can see the wheels in your head spinning as you “pretend”. You like to walk around with all the cordless phones and talk to either daddy or baba. You still love Mickey Mouse and constantly need him on in the background. You don’t spend too much time sitting and watching tv. You are constantly on the move. Going outside is still your absolute favorite thing to do and luckily it’s starting to get warm again.


You are obsessed with brushing your teeth and ask every time we go upstairs…… future dentist, maybe?


Dislikes: You hate getting your diaper changed, being told no and having to come in the house after playing outside.

Eats: You still nurse a few times a day and STILL get up in the middle of the night most nights. You always have a great appetite throughout the day. Favorite foods right now are toast, bananas, strawberries, cheese sticks, yogurt, avocado, crackers, pasta anything, peas, corn, broccoli, ice-cream, lucky charms and goldfish. You drink about 4 ounces of watered down apple juice a day. You are still refusing milk so I have to hide it in a peanut butter, banana smoothie.


Sleeps: you are in your room from about 7pm until about 6am. You still get up to nurse once a night (most nights). You still enjoy a two hour nap every day.


Weight: 22 pounds. Length: 32.5 inches. wearing 18 month clothing. size 3 freshly picked (moving up to size 4 pretty quick). size 5 sneaker and size 4 diaper.


Milestones: you started walking at 15.5 months. You talk constantly and understand everything we tell you. We introduced crayons to you about two months ago and you love to scribble on your paper and put them in your mouth. You climb on everything. You have 12 teeth now too and love to show off that super smile of yours


You’re starting to love stuffed animals and hug them whenever you “meet” a new one


You love to follow your sisters around and get so excited when Lucy walks in the room


Your personality is larger than  life right now!! You laugh so easily and LOVE to make those around you laugh too. I can definitely see you as class clown someday.


Oh Beckett, oh Beckett, OH Beckett!!!! You are the cutest little boy. You complete this family so perfectly!!


I love you, buddy!! Happy 18 months!!