Weekend CelebrationsĀ 

I think from now until October we’re going to have party after party. We’re in the beginning of Friary Birthday season, add in a couple of planned family and friends cookouts and a wedding and we’re just about all booked up! 

This past weekend my brothers and I threw a surprise 50th anniversary cookout for our parents. It was nice getting together with some of my cousins that I haven’t seen in years.

On Sunday we celebrated Lucy’s 9th birthday with grandparents, Tracey and the girls

Megan and Kate have been planning a solo girls trip to Disney after they graduate next year. You know, when they’re both 18. šŸ˜¢ So we started the planning process. This trip will be about 10 years in the making and they are both so excited. Crazy that the time is almost here. 

Tracey and I joke that we’ll be there waiting when they get to their hotel. Umm…. maybe šŸ˜‰