We recently got back from one of the most fun vacations EVER!! I knew Beckett would enjoy it because he’s such a natural born beach bum but I was surprised at just how much he loved it! I was even a little nervous about Lucy being away from her friends for a couple of weeks but she found every free wifi spot available and kept in touch. Ha! I have so many pictures ahead so go grab a cup of coffee or a Pina colada (Beck’s new favorite) and ENJOY!

it was pretty neat to see “our” Patriots plane right when we landed!

We spent the first week at Oyster Bay and the second week at Dawn Beach Club. We hit up a ton of beaches, ate at the Lolo’s (and a ton of beach side restaurants), shopped around Phillipsburg, spent the day on Pinel Island……..

Finally got to see the Heineken Regatta

Had a nice date night (thank you, Mimi and Baba for babysitting)

(It was goooooood)

and witnessed some of the most beautiful sunrises

We were pretty sad to see the 2 weeks come to an end. Beckett is already talking about “next time”

Haha! The kids sure knows how to travel.

I also have a ton of videos saved in my Instagram highlights at