Recent iPhone Photos

I really didn’t want to slow down on my blogging. I love taking pictures and recording all of our memories over here but I haven’t had much time. I’m busier now then I’ve ever been! Luckily I have my phone on me at all times so I have a few pictures to share. 


Emma’s senior year is going great so far! She keeps busy with her studies and working a few days a week. She gets home an hour before anyone else, it’s nice to get a little alone time with her a few times a week. 


Megan is ALWAYS busy! She is playing field hockey 5 times a week!! I love going to her games!


Someone (I’m assuming Lucy) stole my phone and took this picture of Chloe. She is still taking guitar lessons and is now playing guitar with her friend, Holly. I love hearing them upstairs playing and singing.


Lucy is still loving kindergarten and making lots of new friends! 


And of course with school comes sickness 😦 She is home from school today with a cold. I have to admit that I love having her here with me. I just wish she felt better.


Her lunch box was already packed when we made the decision to stay home so here she is having a picnic today. 


I’ve been baking a lot (and eating a lot). 


We celebrated both Jon’s and Daisy’s birthdays this weekend. It was a beautiful fall weekend and we spent most of it at home. It was nice not having to do anything. Although, Emma did start drivers ed this weekend!! Exciting! Image

I read to Lucy every night at bedtime. She normally gets a book or two and then we read a couple of prayers out of this prayer book. That’s one of her favorite things to read from. We’ll finish the prayer book tonight. 

As you can see life is busy and wonderful. 

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