Bump Update 34 Weeks!!

How Far Along? 34 weeks 3 days

Baby is the size of: a butternut squash (according to The Bump)

Total Weight Gain: 31 pounds. Yikes!! I was hoping for 25-30 pounds this pregnancy but I guess when you eat ice cream twice a day it’s hard to keep within that range. The good news is that once my body hits that extra 35 pounds I deliver. I wonder if this boy will be the same.

The Bump: Sticking straight out

Food Cravings: fruit and popsicles. I’m not “into” dinner time at all lately. My poor family. I try to throw something together for them or sometimes I just wait for Jon to come home and cook.

Symptoms: just lots of back pain and some waddling. Lucy pointed out how much I was waddling the other day.

Sleep: I sleep when I can get comfortable. Sometimes that takes a while. I still get up super early in the morning and then end up taking little catnaps on the couch (or chair) during the day. Which is crazy because I am 100% against adults napping during the day. Ha!

What I miss: Nothing

Names: Yes! It’s been so hard not letting it slip lately because I use it all the time when it’s just the 6 of us.

Gender: Boy!

Movement: His little feet have been kicking right under my ribs. It feels like he’s moving up instead of down. Either that or he’s just really stretching out now.

Maternity Clothes: Still loving the summer maternity clothes. The less the better, it’s too hot!

Labor Signs: Not yet.

Best moment of the week:  Quiet week full of everyday moments that I try to capture and bottle up. Realizing that Emma is starting her second year of college this week has me thinking about how fast time goes by and eventually all of these crazy kids will be out on their own.

What I’m excited about and looking forward to: Hearing Aislinn’s baby news in exactly one week!!! Just found out his name this morning and I love it!!

Purchases: I bought 8 packs of diapers this week because Target had them on clearance and they’re my favorite brand and because clearly I have a diaper buying obsession. I also ordered his Lullaby Earth mattress this morning. Not that he has a room to put it in yet………. See below…

Baby’s room: I can’t wait to start on his room!!! The attic project is wrapping up, everything but the floors should be done by the end of the week. I meant to buy his bear rug that matches his bedding set yesterday but I forgot and my coupon expired…. Sigh…. too much going on.

photo (10)

Just took this one a few minutes ago. SO glamourous! Look how much it’s sticking straight out. And look how big my hand looks in this picture. Hahaha!!