Chloe is a Teenager!!

18 days ago Chloe Jane became a teenager. And what a great teenager she is!! She’s caring and sweet. She always thinks about everyone else’s feelings and wouldn’t say a negative thing about anyone. She works hard at everything she does and doesn’t give up easily on anything. She is a great sister and daughter. She makes us proud every day!!

IMG_1882This one was from her actual birthday. We took the girls to the movies and out for Chinese food. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.

The following weekend she celebrated by having her grandparents up for a small birthday cookout:

IMG_1889 IMG_1888 IMG_1887

Then of course a small friend party the following week. We went out for manicures and pizza


Not the greatest picture but it was such a fun day for her!

IMG_1919Then a “small” desert for by the pool.

Happy belated birthday to Chloe!! We love you!!

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A Sprinkle For Our Son

We had such a nice day on Saturday at our “sprinkle”. I’m so happy that our family still gets excited…..5 babies later….. to share in another little Friary coming into the world. It was mostly family and of course Tracey who is like my family. Even though I know it’s a boy and I’ve been buying boy things it still seemed a little weird opening blue instead of pink. I kinda felt like I was opening someone else’s presents. Ha!

IMG_1203I had a cute little helper who is out of this world excited to become a big sister.

IMG_1213 IMG_1224


Becky made the cute centerpiece around our Woodland Theme

IMG_1193IMG_1229Lucy has since adopted Bambi as her own.

Tracey sent me this adorable collage this morning of the 4 girls from both Lucy’s shower and the shower on Saturday

photo (9)I love it and can’t believe how much they’ve grown in seven years!!


IMG_1187I feel a little guilty that this is the only shot I took of Jon all day on Saturday so I had to include it. I brought my camera with big plans to take lots of pictures of all the families but I didn’t. It was about 300 degrees outside (see pool picture above)  and I didn’t have the energy to lug it around.

Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!! We’re all so excited to introduce you to our baby next month!!