Dinner For Six and a College Sophmore

Everyone knows how much family dinners mean to me so while typing out an email to Tracey on Thursday morning it hit me that dinner that night would be our last family dinner as a family of 6. Give me a break here, I’m pregnant and emotional about every little thing. I quickly finished my email and thought about what we were going to eat. I thought about putting “6” on everything but let’s be honest, by 6pm I was ready to throw some tacos on the table and call it a night. This pregnancy has wiped me out.

Dinner that night was typical. There were a few tired and grumpy kids who had slept out the night before. There were a few (me included) who weren’t really in the mood for tacos. There were a few arguments over stolen socks, bras and clothes. There was some laughing, some teasing and some reminiscing. In the middle of it all I heard Lucy giggle and mumble under her breath “I love this family”….. me too Lu, me too. By the time Emma comes home for a long weekend we’ll be joined by a new little member of the family. The only thing better than a dinner for 6 will be a dinner for 7.


After dinner we loaded up my SUV and Jon’s truck full of Emma’s school things. By Friday morning she was SO excited to get going. I remember dropping her off last year and how nervous we both were. This year was completely different!


She couldn’t wait to start her sophomore year. I could barely keep up with her! Not that I can walk quickly right now anyway………

IMG_2053 IMG_2054

We had quite the moving crew that day! I knew that I wouldn’t be able to lift or carry anything and the extra help was greatly appreciated!!


Emma is rooming with 3 close friends this year. Two of them were there when we got there so that added to the excitement!


Like I said, dropping her off was different this year. She said she felt like she was home when her and I were walking in. That made it so much easier on me!! Especially knowing that she has a great big support system there with a lot of good friends.


It was a long and tiring day!! This one needed a lift back downstairs 🙂

She sent me a few pictures of her room all set up a couple of hours after I left. She settled right in. Right before I fell asleep that night my phone rang and it was Emma. It was great to hear how relaxed and happy she was. Makes it so much easier for me to relax this time around.