Chloe is a Teenager!!

18 days ago Chloe Jane became a teenager. And what a great teenager she is!! She’s caring and sweet. She always thinks about everyone else’s feelings and wouldn’t say a negative thing about anyone. She works hard at everything she does and doesn’t give up easily on anything. She is a great sister and daughter. She makes us proud every day!!

IMG_1882This one was from her actual birthday. We took the girls to the movies and out for Chinese food. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon in the pool.

The following weekend she celebrated by having her grandparents up for a small birthday cookout:

IMG_1889 IMG_1888 IMG_1887

Then of course a small friend party the following week. We went out for manicures and pizza


Not the greatest picture but it was such a fun day for her!

IMG_1919Then a “small” desert for by the pool.

Happy belated birthday to Chloe!! We love you!!

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