London Day 2

Our tour of London continued yesterday. I’m impressed with how much our very handsome tour guide knows about the city.
We started the day by getting our Oyster cards. Then we hopped on one of the big red double decker buses. Our first stop was Oxford Street to check out the shopping. We went into a couple of stores but it was so crowded and we (Megan and Emma excluded) didn’t feel like shopping all day.




By the time we walked through the shopping district we were all starving!! Jon took us to a little sandwich shop that he stops at on his lunch hour. Then we headed through to Piccadilly Circus. That place is awesome! There is so much to see and do there. I can’t wait to go back and explore again! We walked through Trafalgar Square and quickly went through the National Museum. All of my pictures of that are on my camera. After the museum we headed out to see the London Eye




The views from the bridge were spectacular! We sat under the Eye, had some ice cream and watched the street performers.



As you can see there was a lot of walking done yesterday!!
We then went over to Westminster Abbey.



We finished the day by taking the tube back to Paddington. It was another long, fun and busy day. It ended by one of our poor children getting hit with the stomach bug. We’ve been up every hour on the hour dealing with that. She seems to be doing a little better right now. My fingers are crossed that tomorrow’s post isn’t all about the family being sick on day 3.
Our plan for today is to rest up, watch some funny British TV and maybe take a quick walk to Kensington Gardens to get some fresh air.