London Day One

We arrived here in London at 8:30 yesterday morning. We were a little concerned about the 6 of us fitting into a taxi with all of our luggage but they had all these little Mercedes vans waiting outside the airport.



We arrived at the flat an hour before the realtor so we sat across the street at Kensington Gardens


Once we met up with the realtor we found out that maintenance would be done on our apartment most of the day. They needed to replace some lights and do a few other things (that haven’t been done yet). So we headed out to the grocery store like a bunch of tired zombies. Shortly after that Jon needed to go into work so the girls and I had a quick nap. I found this little note Lucy wrote for her journal


I made us all dinner and then Jon was excited to take us to Buckingham Palace. The palace is only a mile or two from here but it felt like 10 miles because we were so tired. Some of us were lucky enough to get a lift


We walked through some beautiful gardens on our way




It was a great day! I think we were all out as soon as our heads hit the pillows last night.
Jon just headed out to work. I think the girls and I will stick around Paddington today, do a little shopping and exploring and then head back over to Kensington Gardens to see if William and Kate would like to have some tea. After I get some more sleep of course. My body still thinks it’s 2am!