London Weekend

I recently read that you remember more if you take less pictures and just live in the moment. Which is obviously not great for my blog but fantastic for my memory 🙂 I lived in the moment all weekend trying to soak up the near end of our experience here. I took a few pictures here and there because I felt as though I had to. Like this one of Emma buying a bag at Portobello Market. This woman was so sweet and so grateful to Emma.


Portobello Road was so crowded but so worth fighting the crowds to get to the amazing food vendors. There are dozens of them set up throughout the street and it’s a great place to grab lunch (and ice cream with fresh strawberries)



After Portobello we went to the London Aquarium.



Yesterday we walked over to see Harrods. Then over to Soho. We had dinner in China town and stopped at the M&M store. We walked down Regent Street and found the best Anthropologie store in the world! Seriously!! This is my favorite store anyways and I could have spent hours in there! Check out this wall


We ended up walking all the way home instead of taking a bus. We were all exhausted by the time we made it back. It was another great weekend. And thanks to my laziness of not wanting to take pictures it’ll probably always be saved in my memory 🙂