Marlene gave us tickets to go see Annie in Providence for Christmas. This is most always a mommy date (Jon joined in once to see Elf) but this year I couldn’t leave Beckett so all four tickets went straight to the girls. Jon and I dropped the girls off at the PPAC and headed straight to East Providence to our favorite little Middle Eastern sandwich shop. Beckett loved it:

Look at that excited little face!! Jon and I hadn’t been in that area since before we moved. It was EXACTLY the same!! I joked that we should stop and get Beckett his first pair of Dr. Martens while we were there and sure enough the shoe store on the corner was still open and the boots were still in the window. We even stopped to take a selfie in front of our first date spot, Andrea’s:

We were entertained with selfies that the girls sent to us before the play started 

I loved the fact that they all got to enjoy this together. It was their first official sister date. How lucky are they that have each other?? Life long bff’s.