Happy Fall!

I’m a day late, but what else is new? We’ve been busy over here crossing things off of our fall bucket list. Last week Tracey came up to spend the day with Beck and me. We hit Hobby Lobby, Chik-fil-A, loaded up on fairytale pumpkins from Trader Joe’s and then ended our day at the farm (where i locked my keys in my car). I LOVE when she comes up to spend the day with us!!

This weekend we took Lucy and Beckett apple picking. We usually fill up one bag and then head back the following weekend. It’s one of our favorite things to do in the fall so we go multiple times a season.

So many fun things coming up over the next few weekends including Beckett’s 4th Birthday!! We are busy planning a super fun Toy Story party!! Can’t wait to celebrate our boy! Or boys!! It’s Jon’s Birthday this week!!

Happy Fall!

End of Summer

The house is pretty quiet right now. Beckett is sitting in the living room setting up his cars and tracks. Jon and the girls are all off at school and work and I’m really enjoying the quiet time with Beck. We started working on a little homeschooling here and there. He’s still only 3 so I’m not pushing anything. He really does enjoy it though!

As much as I love the quiet and the routine (I really do), I’m already missing the noise of the summer with everyone around.

Some pictures from our last weeks of summer

Birthday selfie

One of Emma’s friends got married a couple of weeks ago and she had to wear the traditional clothing to the ceremony.

My dad took Lucy and Colton fishing the day before school started. I HAD to drive by and snap a picture. Outings like this are so special and I know this picture will mean so much to her when she’s my age.

I spent a lot of time with the girls while Jon was on a work trip

I love babies and toddlers so much but there is something so amazing about grownup kids too! They really are the best of friends and I am so thankful for that! This particular night we all stayed up late talking, telling stories and laughing until our sides hurt.

This boy LOVES being outside!

Before we knew it we were shipping Megan back to Boston

She is loving her new living situation and her new roommates!

I’m so glad!! It makes leaving her there so much easier!

Speaking of Boston, Jon and I went to the Sox game the other night. One of my biggest fears has always been getting hit with a foul ball. We always sit around 3rd base so I pay close attention to the left hand batters. I’m not sure why I wasn’t looking during this play but before I knew it my leg was stinging and Jon was telling me to watch out. In that exact order. LOL Thanks, Jon!!

I am honestly so glad that it hit my leg and not the guy in front of me (who was glued to his phone the entire game). I’m not sure how it missed his head and hit me in the thigh. Ha! I’m assuming that since I got hit the other night it won’t happen again. EVER. Right??

Ouch!! At least I have a funny story to tell. Like how everyone around us (we were in a luxury box) seemed so concerned but Jon told them I was just grazed. Ha! I knew there was a reason why I disliked the Yankees so much!!

Back to School

Today is the first day of school. First day of senior year for this sweet girl

Wait, that’s first grade Chloe

This is Senior Chloe

She got right in the car and drove herself off for the first time. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit emotional about that fact. Ha!

Let’s back up a little bit.

It’s been a pretty emotional week around here. Lots of big changes happening (good things, I promise). One thing I refuse to let change is our traditions. Every year we have a little back to school dinner for the kids. This year was a little different because Emma was at work, Megan was in Boston and Jon is on work travel but I had to make sure that we still celebrated my 2 girls I was sending off today.

It was only turkey tacos…..hahaha! But still very important

After sending Chloe off to high school this morning it was time to get Lucy ready

avocado toast with eggs
Love notes for every lunch!

I can’t believe this girl is in 6th grade!!

Meanwhile, up in bed was this little boy totally passed out! The same little boy who work me up by 6:15 every morning this summer

takes over Jon’s spot while he’s on work travel
back in the car for our morning commute to school
love her!

Our town’s local law enforcement and first responders were waiting at the school to welcome the children back. You can’t see it in the picture but there were chalk signs all over that sidewalk offering words of encouragement to these middle schoolers. I thought that was the best thing ever because, in my opinion, the middle school years are the toughest years!

Only a few more days before this girls ships up to Boston for her sophomore year! CRAZY!! We’re going to soak up these last few days with her before it’s just Beck and I

thank God kindergarten isn’t for another 2 years!!

I’m already missing the days of all 4 of my girls lined up on that fireplace and front steps for their back to school pictures. Waiting at the bus stop (or running since we were always late) for Donna to pick them up. After school cookie dates meant for listening to their stories about their first day! Time truly is a thief!

Offering up a prayer that these kids (as well as my others…. and your’s too) have a fantastic year!! Only 179 more school days until Summer Vacation!

End of Summer

We just wrapped up our final summer getaway. We spent most of last week down the Cape (Emma got there on Thursday night). I knew at the beginning of summer that this Cape getaway would signal the end of summer but I just can’t believe it’s almost over. In a way we are all ready to get back to our routine but I’m just not ready for Megan to head off to the city again. It’s been so nice having her back here for the summer. Knowing how much she loves the city and how much she misses her college friends makes it a little easier to let go. And, Chloe!!! The baby of the big kids is going to be a senior in high school!! HOW?!?! Seems like just yesterday I put her on that kindergarten bus, turned around, burst into tears and told Jon I wanted another baby. HA!! Thank God he listened šŸ˜‰

Some pictures from the week:


We stopped by Cape Cod Organic Farm to see Uncle Timmy. img_9920img_9927img_9925

I try to get lifeguard pictures every summer and was bummed that Emma hadn’t gotten down there yetimg_9923

Annual trip to Captain Frostysimg_9967img_9968img_9971

Beckett was enjoying his ice cream cone until he saw Jon’s


Good trade!!

Mayflower Beach: He buried her and then jumped on her.img_9954

Martha’s Vineyardimg_0026img_0028img_0017img_0032img_0029img_0001img_9999

ChathamĀ img_9984img_9985

I didn’t spend as much time taking pictures as I usually do. I’d like to say it’s because I was trying to soak up this fabulous family (they really are the best) but it’s mostly because Beckett spent most of the time being a wild man. We all came home a little more exhausted than usual. Ha!

Summer 2019 was FILLED with adventures and lots of great memories were made but we’re ready for ya, fall!


We just got back from spending a week up in Biddeford. Out of all the vacations we take Maine is definitely the most relaxing. Although, I’m sitting here trying to figure out why I’m so exhausted. Emma was able to come up and spend a few days with us at the beginning of the week and then Megan was able to join us for the rest of the week. They actually crossed paths on the highway. Spending an entire week with everyone all together is getting harder and harder these days.

We spent most of our time at the beach with a few little day trips here and there. I have lots of pictures to share!


We took our annual trip up to Portland so we could stop at Ā The Holy Donut (here)





We went to Kennebunkport


Went out on Lynn’s boat


Celebrated Chloe turning 17!!!!!! Happy Birthday, Chloe!!!!!


Spent lots of time on this swing




(Mama selfie)

Chased down the ice cream man


Took walks

Enjoyed the beauty of Maine

Of course had lobster

But more importantly we enjoyed being together

Device Free Days

Lucy LOVES her iPad! She’s been teaching herself all thingsĀ vloggingĀ this summer. She’s been working very hard and its actually very impressive what she’s come up with. BUT every now and then she (every one of us) has to put the devices down and do something else.img_9361

She’s been spending her time in the pool, playing basketball, hanging out with friends and teaching Winnie new tricks. I keep trying to get her to sit down and read a book (my other girls are bookworms) but she keeps fighting me on this. So I gave her the option to write instead. She got a new journal and a couple of times a week I’m going to give her a writing assignment. Yesterday I asked her to talk about her favorite summer memory. She sat for hours writing, she even took her journal in the car with us.


Some other writing ideas:

the thing I’m most worried about when school starts

the thing I’m most excited about when school starts

my favorite trip ever and what made it so great

my favorite restaurant ever and why

what makes a good teacher

describe yourself. Use lots of details

list all the things you’re thankful for

what is your favorite thing mom (or dad) makes for dinner

if you had one wish what would it be and why

what would you buy if you won the lottery

if you had to live in another country which one would you choose and why


I have a bunch more questions on my list but lets see if we can get through some of these first.

I’m still not giving up on having her finish a book or two this summer either šŸ™‚



This Moment

I’ve been sitting here going through old blog posts from when my girls were all young. I’ve also been looking through old blog posts from one of my favorite bloggers (who inspired me to start my own) and it’s crazy how fast time has flown by. How much these kids have grown (mine and her’s). I’m missing my babies like crazy!! So much that my breathe keeps catching and my eyes start filling up. I miss posting about their first days of school and simple grocery store runs. Play dates, sleepovers and first field hockey games. It all went by so quickly. Then I hear “mom, take a picture” and turn to see this

I’ve been soaking in all of these baby moments with him because I know how quickly time is flying. Two more years until he’s off to kindergarten šŸ˜­

Summer Update

Just a quick photo dump over here so I have these pictures.



Before we left for London we had a lobster boil for Marlene and Brian’s 50th wedding anniversary



4th of July celebrations in town:


I really want an alpaca but I can’t convince my dear husband



Few more summer photos:



Officially half way through the month of July and I’m already dreading the thought of sending everyone off to school! Luckily we have a few more vacations to look forward to. Happy Summer!!


London & Paris

It’s been almost 5 years since we left London. I don’t think there has been a day that’s gone by that someone in this house hasn’t mentioned our time there. Jon and I are celebrating our 20 year anniversary this summer and knew we wanted to go back, just the two of us. I really wanted to do a late spring, early fall trip. Jon was 100% looking forward to a summer trip. I felt guilty about leaving the kids during their summer break and was really nervous about leaving Beckett. A few months ago my dad called and told me that the Red Sox and Yankees were going to be playing each other in the first ever MLB London series. I hung up with him, called Jon and told him he couldĀ haveĀ summer. AS LONG as he was willing to go to the game. Huge sacrifice, I know. HA! 20 minutes later I called my dad back and told him I booked a trip. We spent the next few months planning exactly what we wanted to do while we were there. There were certain museums, restaurants, pubs and shopping that we KNEW we wanted to do. LOTS of things in only a short amount of time. A day trip to Paris was also on our list.

First up was Chiltern FirehouseĀ We booked this reservation about 6 weeks in advance.


We barely made our reservation because our flight was delayed about an hour. Our Uber driver raced through the city, driving by our old apartment (which was a treat), but we made our reservation without a minute to spare. It was worth it! The food and the atmosphere were both amazing!


If you go you have to try the crab donuts (above) and don’t miss out on sharing a platter of truffle fries!Ā img_8507img_9020

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the city, hitting The National Gallery, our favorite neighborhoods and favorite pubs:



Friday we woke up and headed straight for The Tower of London


Then we went over to Borough Market for some lunch

More from Friday:



Friday night was my favorite night. We went and grabbed some food and wine for a picnic in the park and headed over to Kensington. We sat on the hill overlooking the palace for hours. That area is my absolute favorite in London. I spent every single day there with the girls while Jon worked. Every night after dinner we would stroll the park with the girls and stop for ice cream or chocolate waffles. I know that area of Hyde park like the back of my hand. Sooooo many good memories there.


After 2 bottles of wine (HA!) we went over to The Churchill ArmĀ Ā This place was on my list of must do’s and it did NOT disappoint!!


Just as pretty in the day!!


Saturday morning we woke up bright and early and headed to Notting Hill. We strolled through Kensington one more time. We were there before the rest of London woke up so it was very peaceful.


Notting Hill:


Sunday morning we woke up and went to Westminster Abbey to attend the 8:00 mass.


Then over to the game.


We had such a great time!! There were tons of Yankees fans sitting around us and they all started to groan (LOUD) as soon as the first two notes of Sweet Caroline started to play. Even though we were losing, every single Red Sox fan in that stadium sang at the top of their lungs!


We had to head back to the hotel early that night. We woke up at 3:30am on Monday to catch a train to Paris.


Standing inside the Louvre was breathtakingly Ā gorgeous! The white dirt roads paved the way for the cream colored buildings that were out of this world beautiful. The pale blue sky and bright green grass had pops of every color coming out of thousands of flowers, it made for the perfect backdrop. If you stood there alone and looked around, you would swear that angels were singing. It was THAT gorgeous. I love my Paris pictures so much and I really wanted to love Paris but I just didn’t (besides the Louvre area). Outside of the Louvre was very dirty and felt extremely dangerous. Ā The Eiffel Tower was also very pretty (from afar) and we did a nice boat tour down The Seine River. We shopped around Louis Vuitton and had lunch at a cute little cafe, then a picnic later on in the park. It wasn’t a bad day, I just don’t think I would ever go back. Ā If I’m missing something about Paris leave me a comment down below because I feel like we’re the only people unimpressed by the city.

As for London, I will go back again and again. It feels like a home away from home.