Life Lately

Busy! That’s the only way to describe life in the Friary house these days. I have 2200 pictures on my phone because I am desperately trying to capture everything because if I don’t I’ll forget. 

We celebrated Beck’s 2nd birthday with a construction theme party 

We went shopping for our Halloween costumes and crafts. 

We’ve been working on senior pictures

We had senior night

We’ve been spending an insane amount of time outside because the weather has been fantastic!!

Jon’s been spending all of his free time putting in hardwood floors 

And a few more photos just because 

October is flying by!! 


This Moment

I think the terrible twos hit about a week and a half early. This little monkey has been throwing temper tantrums all week long! Is it a boy thing? I don’t remember the girls throwing massive tantrums like this. Well, Chloe did a few times but it was short lived (fingers crossed B gets over it quick, too). Last night when we were leaving the football game Beckett had a full blown meltdown. He didn’t have a nap, it was an hour past his bedtime and it was freezing! As I was walking out an old man laughed and said “boy, you have your hands full (probably also noticing the gaggle of children walking with me). I just smiled,because tantrums don’t really bother me all that much and said to him “better full than empty”. I try not to take any of these fleeting moments for granted. Three years from now both Megan and Chloe will be in college. I’m sure Emma will be out of the house by then too. My house will seem so quiet with only the little ones here. 

I will forever take the temper tantrums over a quiet, boring house! 

As I rocked Beckett to sleep tonight and his little body melted into mine, I sat and listened to him breathe in the quiet. All the tantrums of the day were quickly forgotten and I just thanked God for sending me another sweet little baby so late in life. 

Recent iPhone Photos

I’m much better at keeping up with recording life over at Instagram than I am over here. But, I’m going to keep trying because I LOVE coming over here and going through all of my old posts. 

A few things from the past 10 or so days

We celebrated Connor and Camden’s birthday last weekend. 

Now that the weather is getting cooler (a little) it’s back to the park we go! Beckett prefers the sandbox and trucks to the swings and slides 

Megan had a night out in Boston with some friends and sent me this cute picture:

My parents came up for a visit so my mom and I went out to lunch and shopping with B. 

We made it to our first football game of the season. Our school is in the middle of building a new stadium and field so all of Megan’s games are away.

Jon had Friday off so I met Lucy for lunch

Grocery shopping with my little buddy



We gave Beckett his birthday present a few weeks early. Lucy thinks it’s hers and drives it for him. Hahaha! He could care less, he just loves hanging out with her

And, a few more photos of Beck. Just because.

Five Things From This Week

1) School mornings. I kinda like them. As long as I get up when I’m supposed to and take the time the night before to prepare for the next day I actually enjoy our busy mornings 

2) Beckett in a toy store


3) Football season has begun!! 

4)  I’m seriously enjoying being home with Beckett SOOOO much!! I LOVE having all of these older girls around (my bff’s). That mother/daughter bond is amazing, ya’ll. But being able to do this mommy thing all over again, this time with a little boy is pretty dang amazing!!  I look forward to our weekly Target trips. It’s the mommy/baby hang out and I love that I’m still part of that “crew”.

Ugh!! He’s gonna grow up too 😭

5) At the beginning of the summer we told the girls to each pick a place they want to vacation to next summer and do a presentation convincing Jon and I why we should pick their destination. They had all summer to work on it and had to present it to us on Labor Day. Two of the four girls worked hard on it. Two didn’t, so we won’t be visiting Amsterdam or Iceland next summer. HA! Lucy picked the Aulani resort in Hawaii. She worked so hard on it all summer! She is so stinkin cute!! 

We told them that we would announce our vacation plans on New Years. Fingers crossed, Lucy!! 


We took Megan and her friend up to Maine to look at UNE. Normally Jon is the one to take the girls on these college tours but we decided this time to make it a family affair. Ha! Sorry, Megs! I’m sure Marina loved a big ole family road trip with the Friary’s. 

I’ll admit, I wanted to go because I wanted to spend a few hours up in Portland. We missed going up to Maine this summer and I think we were all craving donuts from Holy Donuts 

Marina’s cousin just opened an organic cosmetic shop so we stopped in there because the girls had ordered some cheer makeup 

Super cute shop! And, I love stores that have things to entertain kids while you shop!

We stopped at this place called Flatbreads for lunch and it was probably the best pizza we’ve ever had! Will definitely remember that place for next summer 

It was a fun way to end our summer vacation. I’m not ready for all of the college hoopla that we’ll be going through over the next year but as much as I try, I can’t slow down time. 

I’m just thankful that I have this little guy who makes me feel young 😊

Back to School

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that summer is over. When I dropped Lu off this morning it felt like I was just there. How could that have been over two months ago? Crazy!! I am looking forward to seeing some of my mama friends at pickup this afternoon. 

We had our annual back to school dinner a couple of nights ago. Now that cheer has started and the girls have work at night I had to wait until all seven of us were around. 

I took Lucy on a little back to school date

I got woken up at 5:30 this morning by the superintendent of schools calling to report a safety issue. Apparently someone made a threat to the high school. Nice! Not really how I wanted to send my girls back to school. I guess that’s the way of the world right now. Sad.

These two were ready to get back, though. 

My last first day of school picture of Megan. 😥
Lucy was excited to get back too! She has both of her best friends in her class this year!

Beckett didn’t want to get out of the pictures this morning 

I keep trying to convince him that he has another 4 years at home but he’s ready to go too!

Other than the 5:30 phone call and the fact that the oil man decided to deliver our oil (and block the driveway) when I was already running late to get Lucy to school, it was a really good morning. Fingers crossed and prayers going up that this is a great school year for all my girls, Emma starts on Tuesday. 

All Five

We loved having Emma home all last weekend for Columbus Day. She seems to really be enjoying her sophomore year at school. She’s been working hard and figuring out what she wants to do when she graduates. She’s been busy with her sorority and even works part time. Fall is flying by and we’re already looking forward to having her home for Thanksgiving.


Megan has been keeping very busy with cheerleading 4 days a week, helping her dad with the attic project and keeping up with her studies. Her progress report was awesome this week!! She is such a hard worker and is constantly on the go. IMG_1400

Chloe has joined the 100 mile club again this fall but spends most of her time studying. Her progress report had all A’s and 3 A+’s. She has been such a huge help to me ever since I got home from the hospital.


Lucy started a cooking class last week after school. Her first assignment was sugar cookies and this week she made dinner rolls. They went great with the chicken parm we had for dinner that night. She also started Brownies this week. She’s been working really hard in second grade and as soon as she gets off the bus she runs up the driveway to see Beckett. I’ve been so proud of the way she’s been acting. No jealousy at all.


Beckett is already changing so much since we brought him home. He’s been doing great over night with only a couple of wake ups, which I don’t mind. I love that alone time with him when the rest of the house is asleep. The past couple of days he’s been giving me these big gummy smiles when I talk to him. He loves to be held and talked to constantly. He hates to be naked and only gets upset during diaper changes and when his belly is hungry. And boy, can this kid scream!IMG_1350

The best part about last weekend was having everyone under one roof. I couldn’t wait to get this following picture. I waited a very long time for it


Our Weekend and a bump update….sort of

I complain about winter, too cold and too much snow! I complain about spring, darn allergies have me miserable 24/7 and I complain (sometimes) about summer TOO HOT!! Especially this summer. But you will NEVER hear me complain about fall. It’s the best time of the year!!!

We were all pretty excited to watch the Patriots game on Thursday

IMG_0007 IMG_0006

Now that I’m pregnant I will find any excuse to use frosting



Megan had her first game on Friday night. I LOVE being able to go to these football games. I never went before she started cheering, wait that’s not true. I went once with a friend. But I never felt like it was “our” team until she started.

IMG_0018 IMG_0019

Lucy found this giant M&M and wanted to pretend that she was back at the M&M store in London


A doggie mugshot



Saturday we went apple picking. Our usual spot was closed for the season so we tried some place new (Lucy’s idea)


Look at how old she’s looking lately. She’s gonna look like a grown up by the time the baby gets here


I wish this picture of Megan wasn’t so blurry but I still love it


Sweet Chloe

IMG_1318 IMG_1303

This picture cracks me up. Maybe it shouldn’t, maybe I should be embarrassed by how much weight I’ve gained and how big I am but I’m not. This is definitely the biggest I’ve ever been in my life but I have enjoyed food SO much this pregnancy and plan on taking off all the weight. I’m not too worried.


BAM! That’s one big lady!

IMG_1312 IMG_1322

We saw some sky divers while we were there


Of course Jon and I had to pose together


After a little while of apple picking my belly started to get heavy



Jon worked in the attic most of the day yesterday and then made us a big pot of jambalaya.


As for the bump updates:

I didn’t feel like doing them this week or last. I have hit my 35 pound weight gain. I’m not craving anything new. I’ve been nesting or resting this week. Depends on my mood. Last night I had a few really strong contractions wake me from a deep sleep. I was crampy all morning and had tons of pressure. I thought that today could’ve been the day but it all fizzled out. I walked to my friend’s house up the road about an hour ago and contractions started again. Then fizzled out. Walking back up in a little while with Jon so we’ll see what happens. My due date is in 2 weeks but he’s measuring a little ahead so I know that it can happen at anytime. I’ve already made it further along then I did with Lucy.

Today after doing some nesting I rested with a cup of red raspberry leaf tea, i bounced on my birthing ball and watched some pretty graphic youtube videos on childbirth.


I can’t wait to meet this little guy and fill up this stroller with all that baby goodness




I haven’t posted anything here since Halloween!! What?? We’ve been so busy this month that I rarely took my camera out. We did our usual November activities, including our thankful tree. This year the leaves on the branches weren’t as thick. Not that we didn’t have as much to be thankful for but because Emma’s been away just about all month (with a few quick visits here and there) and Jon’s been in London for most of the month. I HAD to jump in here to post our family photo from yesterday. It was great spending the holiday with my parents, brothers and all these kids!

Looking forward to taking down the Thanksgiving decorations tomorrow and putting up the Christmas ones.


Our thankful tree is so full that it fell off the wall today! It’s fun to see all of the things that the girls are thankful for this year. Things like their sisters, their friends, their parents, You tube, candy, sports and their animals. The list is HUGE! Over 100 leaves on the tree this year.

This year, like every year, I am most thankful for the special people in my life.

Like my friends who love my kids and always make a big deal out of them:


My inlaws who treat me like their daughter:


My mom and dad, the 9am phone calls are one of my favorite parts of the day.


They love us more then anything and we can feel it


My girls:Image

I’m thankful everyday that I’m their mother and that I get to stay home with them. There is nothing in the world more important to me then my family. Being able to stay home and take care of them has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.


I’m thankful that I get to be married to my best friend. I’m thankful for him every day for doing his job, and doing it well. So that I can stay home and raise our girls.

I love you, Jon.

Happy Thanksgiving!