London Day 7

We finally found the playground at Kensington.





I love this cottage! It looks like it might be a private residence right inside the Garden. Whoever owns it has a nice Bentley parked in the driveway. I’m amazed at the cars around this city!! People park their Bentleys and Rolls on the street, bumper to bumper like they’re some sort of Honda.
Anyways, we didn’t get very far yesterday. I had to wait around for a couple of different maintenance guys to come over. The girls and I did take a walk down to the Serpentine and walk through the museum. It was a horrible museum but the walk was great 🙂
Jon took me out last night. He wanted to show me a traditional English Pub.



The kids were fine. They had their tablets to keep them busy. I’m not even sure they noticed we left.
When we came home we hung out on the patio and pretended we were part of Paris Fashion week



I love this city!
And this family!

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